Thursday, August 11, 2011

This Day Comes Every Year

Whenever August rolls around, I know what's in store for me, a flight review. If you've read my blog at all, you know that I love to fly. I don't like having to prove to an examiner that I know how to fly, and fly well. Last year on my flight review, the winds were gusting right around 40 miles per hour. Not nice. When the examiner walked out to the plane, he said in a rather cocky manner, "the only people who are flying today are the ones who are getting paid for it." I just smiled and got into the plane. When we were coming back into Midway, he said, "you're going to work for this landing. You have almost a 70 degree crosswind." I saw him brace himself to take the airplane in case I messed up the landing. This did not sit well with me. It's my plane and there is no way that anyone is going to take over. On really windy days, you basically want to just get the plane on the ground, landings can be rather hard and not pretty. I was  determined. Anyone who has ever flown with me can tell you that when I land, you rarely feel the gear touch the ground. That day was no different. The examiner was so amazed that he couldn't contain himself. He exclaimed, "that was beautiful!! I couldn't have done better myself." I felt redeemed.
Today, the flying gods were on my side, a picture perfect summer day, light winds and fair skies. When we were coming back into Midway, a Southwest jet was on final. The controller told me to keep up my speed, he needed me on the ground now!! I came back, "I'll do my best." Because the runways are so close together, the 737 could flip me and the controller would be held responsible. What I know is that it is much easier for me to go around and come back for a second attempt at landing than it is for the 737. Oh, and I use a LOT less fuel doing so. So long story short, I made the landing and turned off the runway just before Southwest touched down. The controller came on and said, "great job Cessna!" Controllers aren't usually very forthcoming with compliments, at least not at Midway. I came back and said, "thanks, it's nice to be complimented especially when I'm on a flight review." I looked over and the examiner was smiling. The end of a great day. I'm still smiling.
After everything was said and done, I couldn't resist getting a few pictures with a new airline at Midway. This is not my airplane.

I'm wearing an outfit that I made. The jacket is from an older Michael Kors Vogue pattern.  

The jacket is great. I wear it quite often. The pants are my own pattern, but similar to the pants on the envelope. The fabric came from Vogue and I found it in the remnant section. They had about three pieces, plenty for what I wanted to do. The pattern number is 1918. The pattern is discontinued, but you may be able to find it on Ebay.
So off to bed. I'll sleep well tonight with happy flying thoughts dancing through my head.
Don't let anyone ever take anything away from you that you deserve to have.
Sleep well.

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  1. How awesome! Congrats, love your confidence!

    And welcome to Sew Weekly, love what you have posted, very inspirational!

  2. Wow, Rhonda, that is so cool! Congrats :)

  3. Rhonda, I love how you kick a** so elegantly. Congratulations!