Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Jacket Becomes A Pillow

If you follow my blog, you'll remember the jacket I did and had in the Haute Couture fashion show this year.

It's a great jacket, suede,

with grommet chinese knot closures, faux leather binding,

and Day of the Dead lining.
Nancy's Notions has a big seminar every year in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. There were a couple of speakers that I wanted to hear, so I decided to take a small trip, spend a day in Madison (my favorite city, anywhere), spend the night there and then head on over to Beaver Dam the next morning. I took my jacket to show to my friend Virginia who owns Gayfeather Fabrics in Madison and I also thought I would wear it the following day in Beaver Dam. Virginia loved the jacket. I just can't speak highly enough of Virginia. If you are ever in Madison, WI or near there, please go by and see her shop. Ask her what's knew and then take some time to really look through her store. She always has great treasures.
The next morning as I was getting dressed, I pulled out my jacket and then began to have second thoughts, "I'm going to stand out like a sore thumb." As I thought about it, I decided that yes, I would probably stand out, but so what, I really like my jacket and I want to wear it, so I did.
That afternoon, I had gone back to the warehouse to see a friend that was there. While we were talking, a woman came over and commented on my jacket. She loved it and then said that she would love to have a pillow that would have the same grommet closures and the inspiration of the jacket. She asked if I sew for others and I tried to politely say that I no longer do, but she continued to ask, and I finally gave in. The pillow wasn't for her, it was for Simplicity! Such a nice opportunity.   

And so, my finished product. I decided that the pillow needed to have a bolder edging, so I did a very large piping.

I love how one of the skulls peaks out from underneath.
There was a great lesson in this for me. So often I cower back and fall into the shadows. Had I given in to my thoughts that morning, I never would have had the opportunity that just fell into my lap. I learned to just be who I am. After all, it is a gift.    

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  1. Awesome lesson learned! The pillow (as the jacket) is fabulous.