Monday, April 18, 2011

Fashion Show Garment 7

This jacket has been in my wardrobe for quite a long time. Fishman's fabrics had purchased a great lot of Prada fabrics. When I saw this I fell in love. There was a coordinating fabric, silk, that had pink poodles and I think the Eiffel Tower in the print. I loved the blouse and wore it so much that I wore it out. Like I said about the 1920's shoes that I love so much, wear what you have. Don't save anything. The joy that comes from using it is far greater than the joy of it just hanging or sitting in your closet. I found this beautiful piece of pink, black and white silk at vogue a few years ago. The moment I saw the fabric, I immediately thought of this jacket and new that it would give it a whole new life. The pattern I used for the jacket is just a basic boxy jacket. I wanted to update it without taking it apart. A friend gave me these beautiful buttons. They are mother of pearl. Really beautiful. As I was thinking about what to do to the jacket, I came across the buttons. They pick up the opalescence in the jacket and work well with the plaid. Rather than make buttonholes, I covered some snaps and attached them under the buttons.
I kept the design of the two-piece dress rather simple, a straight skirt and a simple neckline that works well with jewelry. The two pieces are underlined in silk. It's amazing how well a garment wears when it is underlined. The top has a side zipper.

I've been on a mission to use what I have. I found this piece of pink silk charmuse, perfect. The bad thing that happens once you start lining your garments in silk charmuse is that it becomes almost impossible to settle for anything less.
The back of the top has a very elegant and feminine drape.
The jacket makes the outfit something that I can wear in cooler weather and the skirt and top can easily stand alone during the warmer summer months.
I wanted a hat to go with this outfit so I took the fabric over to John Koch and this is what he created. Simply beautiful. Take a close look at the roses and the leaves. He makes them out of silk! John is probably the most creative and talented person I know. What a blessing to have him as a friend. He does give classes by the way. Taking a class from John is a wonderful experience. Your head will go home spinning with the wealth of information he will give you. He can be reached at his studio, Montrose Studio, (773)275-4151. He is willing to do private classes as well as group classes.

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