Thursday, June 28, 2018

Thrifty Thursday/Free Raglan Tee

A nice easy tee that can be made out of a woven fabric...sounds like a great idea to me!

A few weeks back, Fabric-Store.com posted the raglan tee below. It's a nice clean design, so I thought I would give it a try.

I had just a couple of issues with the pattern. There are no sizes marked, and there are no notches, which can be confusing when it comes to attaching the sleeve to the front and back. Prior to cutting, I put my own notches on the raglan seams to mark front and back. Easy enough to do. As for the sizing, just measure across the lower portion of the pattern and then decide based on your hip measurement which line to cut on. 

One other issue is that in the instructions, there is no seam allowance specified. I used 5/8". Other than those 3 issues, the pattern went together easily.

I decided to give it a whirl with some fabric that I found as I was cleaning up the studio, a calico print that I had completely forgotten about. Thought it would make a nice pair of summer pajamas.

The instructions call for 2 small tucks on either side of center in the front and back. When I made up the tee, the tucks were not needed. Look closely at the picture below and you can see that a small dart is needed on the shoulder.

Once the dart was added on the shoulder, the garment laid flat and there was no need for front and back tucks.

My finished pajamas. I had to cut the tee with a seam down the center of the back and front. I had the crocheted trim, so I threaded a piece of ribbon through, sewed it down the center and covered up the center front seam. I had another piece of crocheted trim that I added to the sleeves and the hem of the pants. The center picture on the right below shows how I mark the back of my pants. Great use of bits of ribbon.

And me in the pajamas :)

I had a small piece of silk that was just enough for another top. This time I had enough to do the cuffs. 

I once again added a dart on the shoulder.

I really like how the top wears, so I decided to lengthen it and make a t-shirt dress.

With this fabric, I did not need to add the shoulder darts as the neckline laid flat without them. 

I added a shirt tail hem. To finish the hem, I cut a 2" wide piece of bias. I made the back a little longer than the front.  

And finally, I added a small front pocket. It looks so cute on. I'll post pictures of me in the dress soon.

The pajama pants as well as the striped pants are from a free pattern, the Martha Stewart pajama pant that I posted HERE. I find the pattern to be a great basic elastic waist pant. 

You can find the Raglan Tee pattern HERE

Happy Sewing!

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  1. Very nice! I especially love the curved hem on the dress. I have transitioned to facing all of my hems (even on men's shirts!) since it is so clean and, with a bias strip, it eliminates all of the curved hem wrinkles.

    A favor - could you post a photo of inside of your dress where the side seam and hem facing intersects? That is the one area I am still struggling to finish cleanly. Thanks.

    1. I’ll get a picture and add it to the post. I’ll send another note when i’ve Posted the picture.

  2. Absolutely awesome post Rhonda!! What pattern was used for the black and white stripe pants - need me some of those; and really, really love the tunic version with the shirt tail hem.

    1. I used the Martha Stewart pajama pant pattern for the striped pants. Although the pattern was intended for pajama pants, it’s a great elastic waist pant. As tiny as you are, you would probably want to taper the hips for a sleeker look.

  3. Lovely outfits. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy wearing.

  4. Thanks for sharing this free pattern! I love having the option of using a woven in a style that usually requires a knit. The pink dress looks lovely.

  5. Thank you for sharing this! What a lovely way you put this together. The good news is that free pattern was re-released to include a Size/Yardage chart!

  6. I was unable to get the two free patterns. Can anyone help?

  7. All very cute versions . I have also been looking for a nice pattern for woven top/tee. Just need to get back in the sewing room 😜.
    Hoping your ordeal will finally be behind you when you publish 😘😘

    1. Thx Mary Ellen :)
      As for the ordeal, I have a feeling that it is only just beginning. But, that's okay.

  8. Wow,love all three garments from the raglan tee pattern. Thanks for the links. Your dress is lovely and find that color very appealing. As always I like seeing your garment makes. I may have to incorporate a shoulder dart in the future and this was a nice sewing idea to adjust the fit.

  9. I do love the simplicity of a raglan sleeve - might just have to make some jimmy jams for myself with this too. :)