Thursday, June 7, 2018

Create Time with Audio Books

I've heard so many ask, "how do you find time to read?" Here's another statement that I've been told many times, "I love to read, but I just don't have time." 

A friend of mine encouraged me to add a review of the books I read to the blog. She said that every book I've recommended to her has been wonderful, and she felt that others would also enjoy my recommendations. Of course we don't all have the same taste in literature, but with her encouragement, I thought that I would go ahead and add a book review post form time to time. This will probably become a once a month post, although, I have another video all set to be published next week. So if the 3 books I talk about today don't appeal to you, maybe one of those I recommend next week will :)

If by chance you have read one, or all of the books I talk about in the video, please let us all know your thoughts. Or, if you have a great book to recommend, I'd love to hear that as well! 



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  1. Rhonda I'm at "the lake" and only have minimal streaming service...could you include the titles in the text of the post? I need some reading material! thx

    1. Thx Becky, I will edit the post and add them, but for now;
      The Kitchen House
      Glory Over Everything
      Both of the above are by kathleen Grissom. Read The Kitchen House first as Glory Over Everything is somewhat of a continuation.
      Man’s Search for Meaning
      This is a relative ahort book, but powerful. The author is Vikto Frankl.

  2. I have been listening to audio books on road trips and on the planes for many years. Love them and it definitely makes the trip seem shorter. When I am not traveling I am an avid reader; however, when I am working I rarely read a book as I spend most of my time editing and proofing my reporter transcripts and by evening I am really tired of reading. I am leaving on a vacation/job for three weeks in China and Japan and have downloaded several audio books for the very long flight.

  3. That's a great post, especially your views and reading of Frankl's book. We've "read" audio books from our library on trips or doing boring repetitive work. Audio books that I've especially enjoyed in the past because of the narrating actors are:
    1. Wicked
    2. all the Harry Potter's
    3. The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency

    More a fan of podcasts at home, these can be found on Stitcher or NPR One:

    1. But That's Another Story - via NPR
    2. New Yorker Radio Hour - directly or via NPR
    3. The History Chicks - they cover historical women, on Stitcher with an extensive archive of shows
    4. Backstory - more history, also thru Stitcher
    5. Vox Please Explain, thru vox.com site, mostly political topics, thoughtful

    Thanks for adding the topic of reading or listening to your blog coverage. BTW my library doesn't particiapte with Hoopla; they use Overdrive for ebooks. But I'm going to ask!

  4. You are looking SO GORGEOUS today! I belonged to Audio.com for several years, but found my monthly dues were way more than the "monthly" books I ever listened to. I will certainly check into Hoopla. Jerry and I just watched Corrie Ten Boom's story recently, "The Hiding Place". I actually was at a church one time where she was speaking, and my Mom took me up to her and asked her to pray for me. I was young and had no idea in the world who she was. Mom was always taking me somewhere to get prayed for, lol. Now, that I realize who she was, I am just in awe of the fact that her hands touched me in real life, and she prayed for me. WOW! Loved your "audio"!

  5. Thank you Rhonda, I love Audio books my favourite to date is the immortal life of Henrietta Lacks, an incredible story. Sue ( Suebsewbyme.com)

  6. When do I NOT have time to read? At the very least, I read for fifty pages before turning out the lights, because it's the only way I can get my brain to settle down to one thought train. My spouse loves audio books, they drive me crazy. I am so glad the world (and the bedtime ritual) is big enough for us all!

  7. I crossed the US/Canada border to work for years and, before that, I crossed periodically. I had to go further into the US depending on my assignment in the US. I lived away from family, increasing my annual mileage. Audio books often saved my sanity and.at least once, took me past my turnoff!
    The best were when the speaker changed voices for each character. The worst was when an author read her novels and all voices having a speech impediment.

  8. I love audio books. My job has a library, where coworkers donate books after they read it, I discovered audio books at work and It made my 2-hour commute back and forth from work bearable.

  9. As an avid reader I love audio books when I’m sewing . I have to put in a plug for my favorite free source for audio & all books . Your local library - I use the app Overdrive . With a current library card you can order books of all types from your sofa . It’s the best !!!

  10. The books you reviewed Sound really interesting. However, you mentioned "to kill a mockingbird" and that reminded me that I wanted to re-read this book for a Long time. This was one of my favorites, Need to take it with me on Holidays next week. Thank you so much for this post :-)