Friday, April 27, 2018

Sleeves On Saturdays Hits The Road

Last Saturday I had the the opportunity to spend the day teaching a class on sleeve design. And guess what?!!!, I learned something too! Actually, as we were going through the drafting of a particular sleeve, I realized other design possibilities, and I can't wait to give it a try. But today, I wanted to share a few of the pieces I prepared for the class. You've seen them before, but I think it's always fun to see them in other fabrics and maybe with a little bit of a different twist. 

For all of the tops that I put together, I used Londa's Creative Threads Terrific T pattern. This pattern makes a wonderful block to use as a foundation for any design you might like to do in knits. There is a darted and non-darted version.

What I suggest is to make the top up and adjust the fitting. Once you are happy with the fit, remove all of the seam allowances, and then transfer the pattern to poster board. The reason for removing the seam allowances is that it can become quite confusing once you have done your design as to where seam allowance should be added, and where it should not. So if you remove the seams from your block, once you have made design changes, you'll know to add seam allowance to each seam. No confusion :)
This is going to be my go to top for the summer. I just love the design and the ease of wear. With this top, I did a boat neck neckline, front and back. 

This was the original top I did for the blog. You can find all of the instructions HERE. With the original top, I did a v-neck opening in the back. 

This is one of my favorites, the Draped Cowl Sleeve. In an upcoming post, I will show you how I drafted the neckline of this top. Once again, this is the Terrific T from Londa's Creative Threads.  

This is the original top that I drafted. Take note that although the neckline is a cowl, it is quite different from the one I did above. This one has an asymmetrical drape, and is much more fitted through the bodice. A bit more complicated to draft than the top above. You can find the original post and all of the instructions for drafting the sleeve HERE

The top below is not finished as I haven't quite decided what I want to do with the neckline. While I love the fabric I used, it wasn't quite the best for showing the design of the sleeve. The fabric is a washable merino wool that I purchased at Fabrications in Michigan. I am in love with washable merino wool! It feels like silk in your hand. So lovely. 
The front of the sleeve does not show the design.

All of the design takes place at the back of the arm.

This is a picture from the original sleeve that I did. Here you get a better idea. It's a lovely sleeve to wear, and such fun to draft. You can see the original post HERE with all the drafting instructions.

I began the class by telling everyone that I believe everything is easy, you just need to know how, and I was there to show them how :) What I loved most was at the end of the day, a number of the ladies came up and said, "Your right! It all looks so complicated, but it really is easy once you know how." A successful day! 

Tomorrow I will be attending the class on making leather sneakers at the Chicago School of  Shoemaking and Leather Arts. I'll give you a peek at my day in my next post. Always fun to learn something new :)

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  1. Lucky ladies to be able to attend your class. Love all the variations of the T. Must give it a try.

  2. When you started the series of posts on sleeves, I swore I was going to try (almost) every variation. To date - I've done some "different" things with sleeves, but I have yet to follow through with my first intention. I'm still hoping that I will get to it.

  3. I am also totally smitten with the washable merinos. When I was in Fabrications last week, Dick told me that Ibex, the company that produces the fabric, is in bankruptcy, Arrrg!!!! He is not sure if they will be able to get more mill ends. I have several lengths of the stuff right now, but I may need to horde a few more! I love working with a basic pattern that I know fits and just play...love seeing your 'playtime!'

    1. Thanks for letting me know Becky. I will be ordering some to hoard as well as it is just wonderful fabric. Hopefully the company will be able to pull out of backruptcy. Such a shame.

  4. I love to sew, as you know, so I ordered Londa's pattern. I have an old DVD of hers. Seems like it had something to do with buttons.
    My absolute FAVORITE is your PANTS with the lemon fabric. I used to have a piece of fabric like that many years ago. It is lucious. You look so amazing in everything you wear!
    Hugs, Joy