Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The Wednesday Showcase

Still trying to get back on track :/

Last Saturday I had the best time as I had the opportunity to spend the day teaching sleeve design. It is such a treat to look out at everyone and see a glimmer of "I got it!" I began the class with my my motto, "everything's easy, you just have to know how to to it." The best part of the day was having people come up and say, "it really is easy. I can do this!" Success!!! :)

Since I'm still trying to get my steam engine rolling, I will only do 1 showcase today, but I know you are going to love getting to know this special lady. Her name is Sally, and you can find her blog, Cashmere Sally HERE. I had the opportunity to meet Sally back in March when she came to the Haute Couture meeting. She told me that many have said that they have a hard time finding her blog. She blogs through the Bloglovin' site, so it's not the typical Blogger or Word Press setup. But, I have made it easy, so once again, just click HERE and you will find all of Sally's wonderful sewing inspiration. 

Sally loves great fabrics, beautiful colors, and fun designs.
I love the Kantha jacket she is wearing below.

I was blown away by the workmanship Sally did on this vest!

Sally used the Saf-T-Pockets T-Shirt Trifecta to create these amazing pieces.

Just love how the fleece scarf takes the top...over the top!!!

When I met Sally, she was wearing this fabulous jacket. She used Vogue 9275 to create this throw it on and go piece. You can check out her post on this jacket HERE.

I so enjoyed getting to know Sally. She is fun, energetic, and so inspirational. I think that you will also love getting to know her :)

Wishing you a fabulous day! 
Our electricity is supposed to be turned off at some point. I have a feeling it will happen when I am right in the middle of something important ;)

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  1. This is one of the best you have featured. Maybe she is just in on my wavelength, but I love what she has done.

    1. Well, I think everyone is special 😊
      Sally does do fabulous work. I think you’ll enjoy following her.

  2. Rhonda,

    Love, love, love x 18! Craftwomanship!!!

    Is there a link to the fleece scarf, too?!

    Amazing work. Pleasure for the eyes.


    1. Isn’t that a lovely piece?!! She said that she copied a piece that she saw at a museum, or an art show. But I didn’t see more info on it.

  3. What lovely work! Thanks for spot lighting her Rhonda. Off to check out her blog 😘.

  4. Thank you so much, Rhonda, for this feature and your wonderful words of praise. I don’t think I’ve ever had such a kind critique of my work. Guess that’s what I get for working with men my whole life! To others, come on over to my blog, and, as a welcome, I’ll show you how to make that polar fleece artists scarf!