Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sleeves On Saturdays

I've been missing in action for a few days. Sadly, mother nature had different ideas from mine and decided that a few days in the bed would do me some good. Thankfully, I'm feeling much better now, just a little worse for wear.
Today's sleeve is an interesting sleeve as all of the interest is in the back portion of the sleeve.
The front of the sleeve hangs straight while the back of the sleeve bellows out, but not at the wrist.
 The front looks like a basic top.

There are 3 sections to this sleeve. When I was working out the design lines, I got mine just a little lower than I would like. The top still looks nice, but the full portion of the sleeve should be a little closer to the elbow. I'm calling this sleeve,
Watch Me As I Walk Away Sleeve
 Begin with a straight sleeve. Draw in the grain line in the center of the sleeve.
Find the approximate elbow area of the sleeve.
About midway between the bottom of the sleeve and the elbow line, draw in the style line as you see below. I did my point a little off center as you can see below.
 From the center grain line, measure over 2" and draw a line to the elbow line.
 Draw in a curve as you see below.
Cut down the center grain line of the sleeve to the first style line that we drew in. The front section of the sleeve is finished at this point except for needing seam allowances on the new style lines.
Before we cut the back portion of the sleeve apart, we need to add the spread lines. Divide the sleeve as you see below. Be sure to number your pieces.
Cutting on the style line, separate the two sections.
Cut on the spread lines being careful to cut to the top of the sleeve without cutting through. If by chance you do, no worry as we numbered our pieces so that we can always put them back together.
Spread the sections equally. I spread mine 1" between each section. If you want a more dramatic look to you sleeve, spread more. 
Connect the sections with a smooth line.
The center section will also be spread apart. Cut on the spread lines as you see above and spread them exactly the same as you spread the top section.  
Connect the sections with a smooth line. As you see above, a little of the second section will be cut away in order to obtain a smooth line. 
The final pattern pieces. Be sure to add seam allowances and grainlines.
This is a sleeve that will look wonderful in a jacket, but lovely in a top or dress as well. It would also look wonderful if the sections were in different shades of the same color or even in opposing colors. There are lots of design possibilities here.

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  1. Wow! This is an amazing creative work! Love this sleeve and I have to try this, so now I'm going to save this post in my favorites. soooo clever!

  2. Glad you're back in action, Rhonda. Cool sleeve - so creative!

  3. Great design! Hope you are feeling all better soon.

  4. I'm gl;ad you are back too- I missed wednesday! This sleeve is amazing!

  5. A good sleeve for those of us who sit with elbows on the desk without looking like the geography teacher with leather patches sleeves! thanks

  6. Thanks, Rhonda. I really like this sleeve. But it looks so intimidating.