Monday, April 16, 2018

Monday Morning Inspiration/Not Your Grandmother's Lace...Once Again

It's snowing!!! And I don't think there is one soul in Chicago who is happy about it :/ My husband showed me a picture from his sister's farm in upper Wisconsin where the horses were running in knee deep snow. We basically have a covering, so nothing to complain about, other than the poor souls who have to get out and drive in it. As for me, I have a busy day ahead with lots to do, indoors, so I get to just enjoy the beauty. 

To add to the morning's beauty, a cardinal has been singing just outside my window since about 6 this morning. I love to hear them sing, and when I do, I feel that all will be fine. To see a little creature that is so vibrant, and so beautiful, singing his little head off, what a gift :)  

Regardless of what your hobby may be, you end up with bits and pieces that you feel are just too good to throw away. Sometimes we find a home, and then sometimes we just hold on to them waiting for something to inspire us. I came across some fun ideas on Pinterest for lace.

If you have a small piece of the border left, do an asymmetrical cut on a knit top and pair it with 1 lace sleeve. So pretty.

I loved the addition of the lace trim on both of these dresses. Each dress would be pretty on its own, but the lace makes them eye catching, and the placement really narrows the waist.

Rather than just another boring pencil skirt, take lace pieces and applique them on top. 

This is a lovely idea for a piece of lace that's just not quite large enough. Just pair it with a coordinating piece of fabric.

This is much more than a remnant, but I thought it was just so pretty. The lace is actually an entire skirt under the overlay.

This piece could have been executed better as you can see the navy blue lace seams through the pink and white lace, but what a great idea for combining 3 small pieces of lace to create a lovely skirt.  

This little color blocked dress is a great use of fabric scraps. Adding the lace to the center block really makes it pop.

Another pencil skirt idea. What a lovely way to accent a slit opening. 

If by chance you have a bunch of lace that can be cut into motifs, this would be a great idea for giving an old skirt new life.

And finally, add a little flirt factor to the inside of a pleat. All it takes is just a few inches of lace.

For those of you who are basking in warm, balmy temperatures, well, lucky you! As for the rest of us, I hope you can find a little beauty in your day :)

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  1. Thanks Rhonda! I don't know if I have commented but I love your posts. I am not much of a lace person but I love these ideas. The lace under the back split is like a lining but the lace would not have to be the whole underside if there was not enough. Just so many great ideas, my thoughts are turning! Have a great day!

    1. Thanks Paula! I’m typically not much on lace either, but I was watching a piece yesterday, and one of the ladies was wearing a lace top that I loved. It occurred to me that it was a top that I would typically save for a more formal occasion, and then I thought, well why not enjoy it for everyday. Just dress it down a bit. So I am going to incorporate a few lace pieces into my more everyday wardrobe. 😊

  2. Hi Rhonda, I love a bit of lace, but I never think I get it right, but I love the ones you shared. I'll keep the ideas for next time. And I must look at pininterest.... Believe it or not but we are having the never ending summer down here in Queensland Australia. We are still sweating daily through our hot humid days and look forward to a little cooler days and evenings. Take care

    1. If only we could share, you a bit of the warmth, and us, a bit of the cold. 😉

    2. Great inspiration- I agree with Joyce that I never seem to get it right . But smaller pieces add such a nice accent & do t overwhelm . I’ll be searching through my stash for lace !! I’ve wanted to try some color blocking & lace seems to be a great starting point .

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. That skirt with the flower bits is GORGEOUS!

    1. I too thought that skirt was especially fun 😊

  4. Wow! So pretty - I love everything! ♥