Sunday, April 29, 2018

Fun With Sneakers

I made a fabulous soup this past week that I will share, but my time is a little short this morning as I am taking a class this weekend. So look for the soup recipe on Tuesday.

A friend of mine sent me a note about a leather sneaker class that was being offered at The Chicago School of Shoemaking and Leather Arts. I have wanted to take a class, but I haven't made it a priority, so my desire continued to be placed on the back burner. When my friend told me that she was taking the leather sneaker class and asked if I would join her, I said, "Sure!," and I am SOOOO happy that I did.  

I did a little research before I went to the class, but just wasn't sure about what I would like to do. When I arrived, the sample pictured below grabbed me, and that was it! Loved the design.

Below is a sneak peek at what I am doing. When  I arrived, there was a table full of leathers to choose from. I vacillated between a red crocodile embossed leather and the teal blue crocodile embossed leather that you see below. I went with the teal blue, after all it is my favorite color :)

You're seeing the sides of my shoes and the tongue. In the background you see the inspiration sneaker. So today I will be sewing the shoes all together. Can't wait to see them all come together. 

I'm off to get dressed and head out for a super fun day! 
I'll post the finished shoes tomorrow.

Happy Sunday!

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  1. Very cool design. The arched shape of the teal leather, from the side, makes it look like you're walking on a higher heel. I wonder how many people can actually say they made their own sneakers!!

  2. It does look like fun to learn, but I have to quote a friend of mine who also did a lot of sewing. When patterns for underwear and tricot first became popular and we all jumped at making lingerie and panties and bras, she said, "Oh, great, the one thing I don't feel guilty about buying already made, and now I'll have to sew that too!"

  3. Excellent choice with the teal leather - that would have been mine too!