Thursday, January 28, 2021

Sewing With Friends

With the pandemic looming large over our lives, we have had to figure out new ways to connect. Maybe I'm being a little too honest here, but I just don't like Zoom meetings. I know I am not alone as a friend of mine and I were talking about this and she too just doesn't like meeting via Zoom. It takes less time, true enough, but there's just something to be said for getting up, getting dressed, going to a meeting, and having physical contact with those you enjoy being with. 

Back in the late fall I returned home and found piles of fabric in my garage. At first, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It was as if a fabric fairy had snuck into my garage and left me an incredible gift. Even the tooth fairy was never this generous!!! As I stood there dumbfounded, my mind began to race as to how the fabric could have gotten there. So, whoever did this had to have a key to my garage. There's only 1 person other than my husband and I who has access to the garage. I called my friend, and sure enough, he had been the fairy!

In the pile of fabric were 3 bolts of wool, beige, pink and a light blue. The beige/camel bolt had the most yardage. I divided the bolt into 5 yard increments and washed it. I even dried it! It felted a bit, but not so much, so I knew that it wasn't 100% wool. But, it is still lovely.

I gave 5 yards to a friend of mine so that she and I can do coats. Our coats will be similar, but different. In an upcoming post I'll share her coat pattern.

Since I have quite a bit of yardage, I decided that this was my opportunity to use a vintage pattern that I have had for quite some time.

The wool did not photograph all that well. I still need to steam it.

I absolutely love this pattern!!! I plan to extend the sleeves as I will not wear a short sleeved coat.

You can see from the pattern diagram that lengthening the sleeve will not be a problem.

My friend and I are talking once a week about our projects. Some of our conversations are face time, and others are just regular telephone conversations. The project gives us a great excuse to talk, and in the end, we'll have something fun that we worked on together whether we could meet in person or not. 

My friend who gave me the fabric is so excited about the project, and that I was able to find something fun to do with the wool. So, this is a win, win project all around :)

My friend with whom I am doing the project has an embroidery machine. She is making dragon flies for us to attach to our coats. The project just keeps getting better and better!!!

If you are missing having interaction with a friend, or friends, maybe you can take a little cue from us and do a project together. Like I said, just having an excuse to talk makes such a huge difference. 

Keep Sewing!!!


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  1. It's so odd to read you complain about something! That's my job.

    I dislike zoom meetings, but I dislike my boss talking to each one of us over the phone and giving us different information much, much more. I am lucky to have a job right now, and my boss knows it.
    Hopefully, sooner than later this will be a memory that we fling in our children's faces when they whine about something being boring (or our children doing the flinging at their children) and I can go back to work with real people in person. And wearing some of this clothing I've been making.

    We are so close to being there. We are going to make it.

    1. Oh my, I guess it did sound like I was complaining :/ It really comes from a place of longing. I have so missed seeing my friends, giving them hugs, grabbing a hand when someone is feeling down. Even preparing a meal and enjoying my friends company. But, you've given me an idea, I need to write about all the wonderful things that have come about because of the pandemic. Of course it saddens me for those who have struggled, and those who have died.But, there have been some wonderful things that have happened that I would not want to trade.
      As for your boss, sadly, this is a disorder on their part, and it's a shame that they have chosen to function in this matter. At some point, it will backfire on them.

  2. So you do like “ zoom meetings”. Thank God for modern technology during this pandemic. You can see what your friend is doing. And it is so nice to be able to see a friend rather than just hearing them. During one of the toughest and longest Melbourne lockdown my siblings and I would catch up on Friday nights for drinks via the internet. We are still doing that. And the best thing is we don’t have to drive 😀. Your project with your friend sounds perfect to help you get through.

  3. Hi, I love your choice of pattern. In searching for it, I found out that Vogue reissued it as 1337 with current sizing. I am thinking about using it with kantha cloth.

  4. Hi, I love your choice of pattern. In searching for it, I found out that Vogue reissued it as 1337 with current sizing. I am thinking about using it with kantha cloth.