Tuesday, December 1, 2020

It's a Pajama Party!

 A few years ago, I read Madame Chic by Jennifer Scott, and thoroughly enjoyed it. You can find all 3 of her books HERE. I've read them all and enjoyed each of them. 

In her first book she talks about going to France and being an exchange student(something dear to my heart). Not long after she arrived, she had given her clothes to her host mother to wash. Her host mother took 1 look at her pajamas, at least what she was wearing for pajamas, I think they were an old pair of sweat pants that had belonged to her sister, and an old sweatshirt. They were full of holes. Her host mother was horrified as she thought that she may have done something in the wash to cause the holes. Jennifer told her that no, the holes were there. Her host mother just couldn't understand why she would want to wear something like this. The conversation prompted her to go out and purchase a proper pair of pajamas, and she said that she was amazed by how much better she felt, and how much better she slept.  

This prompted me to take a closer look at what I was wearing to bed. Not the best. So, I have been on a mission to revamp my bedtime wardrobe, and find pieces that feel wonderful, that I enjoy wearing, and will keep me warm in the winter. I thought I would share my makes as they are simple, comfortable, and I actually look forward to putting them on at night.

I have found that I REALLY love wearing leggings to bed, at least in the winter. They stay in place, and aren't riding up my leg during the night. The legging pattern that I have used over and over again is the Loveland Legging pattern from Sew News. I can make these in less than an hour. The top that I am wearing below is a free pattern from Fancy Tiger Crafts. It's their One Hour Top pattern, and you can find it HERE. I lengthened the top a bit, and lengthened the sleeves. Love it!     

I recently made a pullover out of a wool fleece blanket that I love wearing. I used an old Great Copy Pattern that is out of print. It's their New York Style Pullover. I looked on Etsy and found a number of Great Copy patterns, but not this one. But, if you are persistent, I'm sure that sooner or later it will pop up. For cold mornings, it's just the perfect pullover to wear with my pajamas.   

This pair of pajamas is exactly the same as the pair above, just in a different fabric. 

I absolutely love the dolman style sleeves.  

The pajama pants that I am wearing below are another free pattern from Martha Stewart. I have used, and used this pattern, for pajama pants to street wear pants. You can find the pattern HERE. I've paired it with another fleece top, the La Megeve Pullover from Naughty Bobbins Patterns.  

Underneath the pullover, I'm wearing my favorite pajama top, the Molly Tee from Pattern Union. 

The next 2 pairs of pajamas are both made with the Loveland Leggings pattern and the Molly Tee. This has become my standard pajama outfit.

My friend Cennetta of The Mahogany Stylist makes pajama pants for her family for Christmas. She loves the idea of the leggings and tee shirt. I told her that if she makes these for her family, she is going to create a monster as they are going to want more and more. Leggings and a tee to bed is just the best!!! :)

Happy Sleeping!!!


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  1. I love the One Hour Top! I have made it so many times, I have lost count. I even put underarm darts in to shape it a bit. It is the champ of my wardrobe (I made it.....five times this summer).
    As ever, thanks for the links and the makes and now I have to figure out which fabric to make this year's pajama bottoms from.

    1. I agree that the one hour top is just the best! I have been thinking about using it to make a dress.

  2. I'm very impressed of your creativity and fabulous clothing! Pyamas is great, but all the outfits you share on Instagram - Just amazing! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Ellen. My little challenge that I post daily on Instagram has been one of the most enlightening things I have done for myself. I've learned a lot about myself as well as my wardrobe. Then, when I think about when so many of the pieces were created, I'm all the more amazed by how time has flown by!

  3. The monsters are in full affect. Lol I've been told, "I need some new pj's." And, "Roy's flannel pants are too short. He needs some new ones." So, guess what? This morning I'm up thinking about finishing up the pajamas. So far I've made five pj bottoms. I have a few more to go. I'll make and give two sets of the t-shirts and leggings to test. But I want to make a few for myself as well. I'm thinking I need a entirely new collection of pj's. Wink, wink.