Tuesday, April 7, 2020

For Whom Do I Dress?

The last 3 weeks have been interesting to say the least. When the call came for businesses to close, and everyone to stay at home, it seemed a little surreal. A friend of mine even commented that it felt like the movie, "On The Beach." But once reality began to take hold, I like everyone, felt a little out of sorts. Daily routines have been interrupted, there's no where to go except the grocery store, pharmacy, maybe a hardware store, and even those should be visited the least amount possible. Last week I had to pick up a prescription. As I was getting ready, it suddenly occurred to me that I was actually excited about going to the pharmacy. I got dressed, put on my makeup...even earrings!!! Here something that has always been considered an errand was now an outing! As I thought a little more about it, I asked myself, "for whom do I dress?" Is it just for others, for myself, or a combination of the two? I think for most of us it's the latter. We like to look nice, but we also want to present ourselves to the world in the best possible manner. 

As the day wore on, I noticed that I felt so much better about myself. It really didn't matter that the only person that would see me, other than those that I encountered on my quick trip to the pharmacy, would be my husband. Dressing was important for me. So, I decided that this would not be a one day event. I would get up, shower, dress, and put my makeup on just as if I had somewhere to go, and document it :)

Here are the last 3 days;

On Sunday I dressed as if I would be going to church. It made the entire day special. I'm wearing the Sumekko dress from Pattern Union. I added flanges to the armholes, and made an infinity scarf from my leftover fabric to give the dress a cowl collar look. Underneath I am wearing the Londa's Terrific "T" from Londa's Creative Threads.  

Monday's choice was the free Monroe Turtleneck pattern from Tessuti Fabrics, and the Barb Pant from Style Arc patterns. This is the first top I have made using the Monroe Turtleneck pattern. I really like the pattern. The Barb pants, I've made quite a few. They are quick to make, and easy to pull on. You can find a link to get the Barb Pant pattern for free HERE.     

Today I decided to wear one of my favorite outfits, the Molly Tee from Pattern Union, and my cargo pants that I blogged about HERE

Here's a better picture of the outfit. I just love how the outfit came together :) I always feel great when I put this on! 

So, what have you been doing? Are you getting dressed, or staying in your pajamas? 
I will be posting my pictures on Instagram and using #Idressforme It would be great if you would join me!

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  1. I love those pants! Your outfits were very cute.

    I agree, that for me it's a combination of both. I LOVE clothes. Not necessarily fashion, but I love clothes and like putting together looks. And I've been about 50/50 with getting dressed daily. I wear earrings everyday because I can't function without earrings :-p

  2. Never stay in my PJ's. I work 3 days a week (days reduced) and on those days I have fun deciding what I will wear. I do hair and makeup and then walk upstairs to my home office. On non working days I wear more casual clothes depending on what I am doing (gardening versus sewing).

  3. No change here. I'm retired so the routine has always been, get up, get dressed and go into my day. Good idea on "dressing for church" since it's Easter time. I've already decided we will deep clean as for company, set the table with the china and "dress" for dinner this Sunday. And I've told my guys we definitely will be doing egg dyeing on Thursday.

  4. I like this post! Most days I am getting dressed, wearing my makeup and jewelry. It feels more normal even with it not being normal times. I love all the garments you posted. I love the Molly Tee and the pants-the colors speak to me.

  5. I've only spent one day in pjs and it definitely affected my attitude - felt really somber and sad. Now I shower and dress each day (including earrings) and feel much better and hopeful. Yes, I say, get dressed and sew up something new! Karen

  6. Love your Sumekko dress :) It's great to dress up even thought we stay at home..

  7. It would be far too easy for me to slip into slug-dom if I didn't get dressed. Current routine is to workout right when I get up, have breakfast, get ready for the day including shoes & earrings and work at my desk for a bit, looking for new jobs or reading email. Being dressed helps me feel purposeful!

  8. I dress for myself and others. As you said, it's makes me real good and I want to look my best in the presence of others. BUT, these days, I'm dressed in lounge clothes. Not PJ's, just clothes that I wear around the house when I'm not planning to go out. It's been three weeks since I put on anything nice. I like all three of your outfits and will consider the challenge in the days to come.

  9. I have not stayed in PJ's but not dressing up. I have not been able to wear makeup for about 10 years because on allergies. I always put on makeup unless I was so sick I couldn't. It still bothers to not wear it I always did it just for me. Your outfits look great.

  10. I have always gotten up, showered, hair and makeup and dressed nicely. I do it because I have a husband. Also, these days, I do it because I make so many videos, but either way, I like to look nice. I don't want my husband looking at some other woman that looks her best all the time while I'm running around in pj's or sweats with messy hair and no makeup. Just not me. Same goes for him by the way. He always looks very nice, and I love that!!! You always look amazing Rhonda.

  11. It is interesting how these changes in our routine has given us thoughts that previously we had never had. I have shared in the exact same process of dressing for who? Going out now is an exciting thing, but if one thinks too much about it it can be scary too. In these past weeks, I've done a bit of every kind of dressing. Old clothes for painting the front steps, Good clothes just because I needed it, and comfortable clothes because I was doing a variety of jobs around the house. I think I'm fortunate because I like being at home and always find many things to do. Great hashtag to follow, and great outfits for our current situation. Thanks for sharing