Thursday, October 31, 2019

Tailoring: The Professional Way

It's snowing!!! 
Yep, I love the snow, but I feel a little haunted today. Twenty-five years ago, on Halloween, we had a terrible, snowy night. When it snows this early in the season, the snow is wet and sticky, so on airplanes, it immediately turns to ice. Ice can bring an airplane down in a heartbeat. A passenger plane was flying from Indianapolis to Chicago when it encountered severe icing conditions and crashed in Rensselaer, IN, killing all 68 of those on board. I think about that crash every year on Halloween. 

Well, that story really beings the day on a somber note! 

Actually, I have something wonderful to share with you, but I have to apologize as it's an out of print book, Tailoring Suits: The Professional Way. I am helping a friend of mine tailor a jacket. She is so very excited. I am as well. The jacket is lovely and she is doing a great job. She came last week for a progress check, and instruction on where to go next. When she began to pull her things out of her bag, she said, " I have a gift for you," and handed me the book you see below.

The book was written in the early 1950s by a master tailor. Master tailors are becoming few and far between these days. As I thumbed through the book, I was amazed by the detail. I have other books on tailoring, but none are like this book.

The book begins with explaining what good tailoring really is. 

The book walks the reader through the entire process of creating a well tailored garment, beginning with pattern drafting, to the fitting and finishing of both men's and women's suits.

This is an old book, so no flashy color photos like we see in more modern books.

Every detail of the tailoring process is covered.

The chapter on pants has me mesmerized!

I also love the chapter on making a well tailored skirt.

If you would like to take a peek, I did a short video review of the book.

As I said, the book is sadly out of print. I found THESE buying options on Amazon. They are all quite expensive. And, I found THESE options at Abe's Books. These too are quite expensive. But, you may know of other online book sellers who just might have a reasonably priced copy. If you think you would enjoy tailoring, this is a fabulous book. I feel so very fortunate to have received it as a gift!

Happy Sewing!

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  1. What a great book, enjoyed the writers way of saying stuff....

  2. Assuming this is out of copyright here is a PDF copy I foundhttps://issuu.com/tallerbioarq/docs/tailoring_suits_the_professional_wa

  3. here is a link to copy of book on issuu. Not downloadable but able to be viewed in its entirety

  4. Thanks for sharing. i really want to read this book.Fabrics World USA

  5. Going from high end complicated sewing to the simplistic. This AM I made 2 pillowcases for my grandson using your "Simplified pillowcase instructions" from the Mary Bridge Children's hospital project. I frequently refer to theses instructions - you would think I would have it memorized by now- nadda !! Thank you for the time you put into making it easy for us to do competent sewing !!

    1. I haven't even opened my computer for a number of days, but when I did, I found your sweet message. I am so happy to hear that the pillowcase tutorial is still useful. Trust me, I too refer back to it!