Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Collar Drafting Tutorials

A few weeks ago, I taught a class on drafting collars. I had such a wonderful time. It's always nice to see faces light up and realize that a basic pattern can be changed so easily. But, I realized that I have not made it easy to find the tutorials. At the moment, I am having a difficult time trying to find how to add a new tab to the navigation bar, but it is coming, hopefully, later today. In the meantime, here are the collars with links to the tutorials. Tomorrow I will be adding a tutorial on how to draft a hood. Then on Thursday, I will do the full drafting tutorial of the jacket I made HERE. 

The Mandarin Collar is a wonderful collar that can easily be drafted. It's a great collar that adds a little interest to the neck. You can find the tutorial HERE

The collar below is the Revere Collar. A very easy collar to draft. It looks a little more complicated as I added the bias trim around the collar and down the front of the blouse. You can find the tutorial for this collar HERE

The Peter Pan Collar. In the post that I did yesterday, the free Mary Quant dress pattern had 2 variations of the Peter Pan collar, one with a rounded edge, the other with a point. Both drafted the exact same way. You can find the tutorial on drafting the Peter Pan Collar HERE

The Sailor Collar is such a great collar for summer. It looks great on a dress, a tunic top, as well as a hoodie. You can find the tutorial HERE

I did 2 versions of the Shawl Collar. The collar below is the narrow version. The narrowness of the collar has nothing to do with how big the collar is in front, but how it lays on the back neck. Below is the Narrow Shawl Collar. You can find the tutorial HERE.  

Below is the wide version of the Shawl Collar. You can find this tutorial HERE.

Here's a picture of me in the dress. I absolutely love wearing this dress in the summer. Just throw it on and go!

The Raised Neckline. While this is not a traditional collar, it gives the appearance of a collar. Very dramatic, and quite lovely. You can find the tutorial HERE. This is by far one of my favorite necklines.

As soon as I can figure out how to add the new tab to the header bar at the top of the blog page, the tutorials will be all the easier to find. Technology :/

By the way, if by chance you do download the Mary Quant dress, any of these collars can be applied to that pattern. So play around and have some fun!

I am off to take Mr. Berkley for his initiation visit for daycare. He really doesn't need actual daycare, but I am doing it because he is such a social boy and I think he will have a blast playing with the other dogs. Gracie is at a point in her life that she would rather be left alone :( I'll try to take a few pictures and share with you. 

Cute story;
My husband thought that Berkley was going to daycare yesterday. He came home, found Berkley here, and I was gone. He told me that he asked Berkley, "why are you here? Did you get kicked out of daycare?" :) Hopefully all will go well.

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  1. What a great post! Thank you for the great collars.

  2. Great post! I love the collar in the last photo and may just give it a go. I also love your "Sleeves on Saturdays" and visit this tab frequently. Hope all is well.

    1. So happy that the tutorials are put to good use :)

  3. Thanks for the collar tutorials. Beckley should have a great time. We have a doggie day care up the road and our 1 yr old rescue puppy is very loving but can be wild and an instigator! They still took her and she has a crazy fun time.

    1. I will be telling the story of Berkley's adventure in tomorrow's post. It was a little heartbreaking for me :(

  4. Great post, Thank you. I was thinking the other day while I was cutting out a shirt pattern..."I'd really like to know how to change this collar". So perfect timing for me, I'll give the shawl collar a go on the next one

  5. Your collars all look great Rhonda, thanks for adding yet more online info to the sewing community. I’m sure the tutorials will be very useful. I did wonder where I found the tute for a triangular bound buttonhole, perhaps it was yours after all. X

    1. Maybe. I did the triangular bound buttonhole tutorial quite a while ago.

    2. I refer to your tutorials a lot!