Wednesday, March 28, 2018

A Special Wednesday Showcase/A Tribute

Last Saturday, March 24, 2018, a beautiful, creative part of our worldwide sewing community left this earth, Lorraine of Spotty Dog Social Club

I originally "met" her not long after she began blogging. She had begun to follow my blog, and so I did a Wednesday Showcase post, introducing her to all who did not yet know her. In her bio she says that she loves knitting, sewing, her dogs, and her husband, but I'm sure the order should have been changed a bit :).

Over the years, although her style changed, she grew more and more beautiful. Truly the mark of a well lived life. She discovered the patterns of Tina Givens and truly found her unique style. 

Her knitting was something to be envied. 

She also took some of the most beautiful pictures, which were not just pictures, but works of art.

In her quilting, you can see her lovely sense of humor, and her love for all things fun.

She took pride in her work, and wasn't ashamed to admit when she thought the work of her hands was spectacular.

Her love of all things lovely was even expressed in the most intimate of attire.  

Lorraine loved making pajamas, as well as making gifts for Christmas. Great care was given to even the tiniest details, like her sweet labels. 

There are few pictures I love more than those of a girl and her dog. This is Lorraine the day she adopted her sweet dog Nico, who incidentally, got them thrown out of their first day of doggie training!!! Nico, not Lorraine ;)

As I scrolled through her blog, I noticed that in so many of her pictures, Lorraine is looking up. Maybe in some way she knew. In her husband's tribute to her, on the day of her passing, he says, "Tonight there is a new star in the sky, brighter and more beautiful than any other." 

I hope that you will take some time to scroll through Lorraine's blog. I think that you will be inspired by her life, her work, and her beauty. While she left us far too soon, her life was truly an exquisite work of art.

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  1. Thank you for sharing some of your favorite parts of Lorraine's blog. Indeed, there is another star for us to see in the heavens. She was a star on earth in her blog and contributions to message boards.

  2. I am so sorry to hear of your friend's passing, Rhonda. She really was a terrific talent and looked like such a lovely person with a beautiful smile. That was a lovely tribute. sending best wishes. Xx

  3. I was very sad to hear about Lorraine. Her husband's tribute and thoughtfulness in writing a post to tell us all was beautiful.

  4. And I think that being able to share his sadness with all of us was quite healing as well. She will truly be missed.

  5. Thanks for writing something up about her, Rhonda. I was so moved by her husband's posts on her blog. She had been adding pix of her Tina Givens Makes to our community board on pinterest. She will certainly be missed.

  6. Thank you for the tribute--so well said, Rhonda!

  7. So sad for such a wonderful talent to be gone ! Thanks for this lovely tribute

  8. That is the loveliest tribute and a great way to remember lorraine. Thank you Rhonda.

  9. Rhonda thanks for the lovely tribute to an amazingly creative women! May she Rest In Peace...

  10. Last weekend was a difficult one when her husband first shared that she was in palliative care on Thursday and then her quick passing on the weekend. I hope the messages of love and support shared in that short time let her know how much she's admired and loved and will be missed from the sewing community. Rhonda, you wrote a beautiful tribute to her, thank you.

  11. What a talented, creative and beautiful individual. Thank you for sharing this, Rhonda. Her art speaks so much of her life.

    1. She truly lived a full and creative life, and became more and more beautiful with every passing year. So nice to hear from you Bunny 😊