Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Finding Peace In Our Day/Eye Pillow Tutorial

In times like these...a statement that I have heard my entire life. But, in light of the horrific tragedy in Las Vegas, I think we are all wondering what our world is coming to. There are so many questions of why, a question that will never really be answered. It is simply senseless. 

When I was growing up, at any given moment, I knew where a gun was. My grandfather kept a gun in his dresser drawer. I knew better than to even open the drawer, much less take it out and look at it. There were hunting rifles on the wall in every house of every friend and neighbor. No one ever took a gun to school, no one ever shot another. It was unheard of. The worst that ever happened was when a young man in our community shot a hole in his foot while deer hunting. Thankfully, his foot was saved. 

So what has changed? I don't know. I think we all wish the answer were easy. If we only knew, we could stop the senseless violence and the loss of so many innocent lives. 

A few weeks ago, I posted my covered journal and the eye pillows that I made out of silk scraps and said that if you would like a tutorial, just let me know. While I was more than happy to do the tutorials, I thought for sure no one would respond. Well...to my surprise, many of you wanted tutorials for both! So, I took a little time and put together a quick video on making the eye pillow. The journal will follow soon.

The little eye pillows are so easy to make and are wonderful gifts. The holidays ARE coming!!! They would make a great stocking stuffer, or just a sweet little "I was thinking of you" unexpected gift for a friend or co-worker. 

All of my eye pillows have been made out of left over silk that was used to make ties, so they feel quite luxurious on the face. But they can also be made out of left over quilting cotton. Make a tiny little quilt out of your scraps and the eye pillow will be all the more special.

Below is my video tutorial. After I listened to the video, I could hear how tired my voice sounds. I'm not a big talker, and after 3 days of talking all day at the sewing expo last week, my voice almost gave out. So I apologize for the weak voice. The video is just a little over 5 minutes long, so it won't take much time :)

You can find the Mountain Rose Herbs website HERE. I love the quality of their herbs! If by chance you don't care for lavender, there are lots and lots of other herbs you can choose from. Or if you wish, just fill the bags with rice. They will still be wonderfully relaxing.

I hope that you can find a little time to relax, maybe take a walk, or go take that yoga class that you been intending to try. 

May you find peace in your day.

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  1. Thanks Rhonda! I am adding this to my Pinterest "gifts for family and friends" board.

    1. You're welcome! Hope your friends and family love the little pillows 😊

  2. Rhonda, thank you so much for posting this tutorial. I have made these a number of times in the past, and forgotten how wonderful they are as gifts. A dear friend of mine could really use one right now so I think I will sew one up for her ASAP. Thank you for the reminder, Rhonda ! 💗

    1. I am so happy! They are such a small thing, but the soft pressure on the face is such a gift. I'm sure your fried will really appreciate it.

  3. What a lovely stocking stuffing for Christmas. I will make several.