Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Wednesday Showcase

We had some friends over for dinner last night. They lost one of their dogs a little over a year ago. Her name was Guinness, a great big black lab who lived to the ripe old age of 15. But as any of you who have had, and dearly loved an animal know, it's difficult to say goodbye, and the time that they are with us is never enough. 

Not long after Guinness died, they adopted the sweetest dog, a Newfoundland mutt. They only had her for a few months when she became ill and they sadly found out that she had a tumor on her kidney that was inoperable. They were heartbroken, but decided that they would take another chance and adopted a gorgeous, red coated coon hound. She is quite different from all the dogs they've had as she truly has a mind of her own. I had to laugh as they talked about her eating habits as I experience the very same thing with my Gracie. They talked about how they stand over the bowl and beg the dog to eat, even cupping their hands as if in prayer. On any given morning, I wonder if today is going to be a miracle day and Gracie will eat, or if I too will have to sit in front of the bowl and beg. The problem with Gracie is if she doesn't eat, she gets sick, so all the more that I want her to eat. If anyone has any suggestions, please send them my way.  

On a happier note, I have two ladies to introduce you to who no one needs to beg to see their creativity as it just seems to ooze from everything they do. 

First up is tpotty28 of Creates Sew Slow. She says that she's a neat freak desperately trying to be a more creative sewist. Well, take a look below and I think you'll agree that she's especially creative.

One of the many things that I like about her blog is that she explains in detail about her projects.

I purchased this Issey Miyake pattern a million years ago, but never made it.

If the pattern is sitting in your collection, be sure to check out THIS post as her coat is really incredible. 

As I scrolled through her blog, I was so impressed by her wonderful tops.

I love playing with and combining patterns. Such a sharp and fun outfit!

She went to the quilt festival in Houston last year and created this beautiful stained glass piece. How lovely this would be on the back of a jacket.

So pop over to Creates Sew Slow, I think you will truly enjoy her creative spirit. 

Next up is Claire of Ragbags and Gladrags. She has an incredible spirit which I think is so well depicted in the photo below. Claire is an artist whose creative spirit can be seen in everything she does. During the summer, she travels to China where she teaches creative art camps to children who are cared for by the International China Concern.  

Below is a self-drafted dress she did for a competition. She said that the drafting was easy, sewing all the curved seams, another story! You can find her entire post on this dress HERE.

Claire is so very generous with her talents. Doesn't this picture make you want to go do a little dying? Well, you can as she gives detailed instructions HERE.

In her bio, Claire talks about how she would love to combine her artwork with her sewing. When I saw this piece, my first thought was of how this piece needs to be translated into fabric.  

As you scroll through Claire's blog, you'll see so many wonderful examples of her artwork. Such a gifted lady. I'm hoping, keeping my fingers crossed that she'll soon have a line of fabrics. So pop over and help me encourage her!

Have a wonderful day, and remember that unlike my dog Gracie, or my friend's dog Lea, most don't need to be begged, they just need an encouraging word to reach new levels in their life. 

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  1. Hi Rhonda! I read your blog often but don't usually post, so sorry. I will try better in the future. My son has a lab that they rescued. The lab had some emotional issues and sometimes just would not eat which meant he ended up getting sick. This went on and on until they rescued a chihuahua (his wife wanted a little lap dog) to add to the mix. Well, the 2 dogs have bonded, they have a routine at mealtime and the lab always eats his food without begging! I think he believes he is helping his little friend because he is fed first outside and then the little one gets his dish put down inside. There have been no problems with eating since the second dog came into the mix.

  2. Yes, you are right. The creativity is just oozing out of these ladies! My daughter had a similar issue with her dog. She was giving him dry food so I suggested she mix in just a little of wet food and it worked. He eats every last bit of it. So perhaps mixing in something that they like, even just a little, might help? We give our dogs the same food everyday so maybe they get sick of it just like we would if we ate the same exact thing everyday!!

  3. Rhonda,

    Dripping with creativity... Amazing works by these inspiring ladies!


  4. Thanks very much for your kind encouraging words. Can't offer any advice on getting your dog to eat only familiar with the opposite problem - gobble it up so fast they make themselves sick.
    PS Love your Sewbussted series.

  5. We have had many fussy eaters over the years. We have tried mixing in various foods to increase interest in food. Finely chopped hard boiled eggs, whole fat probiotic yogurt, finely grated cheddar cheese, with all of these you have to mix the additions well with the food or they will eat the toppings and nothing else (little buggers). Another addition we use is one of my own creation. We call it Chibello, gelatin made with chicken and beef broth, it is very helpful if you have a dog that doesn't want to drink. Cut it into cubes and any fussy pants will eat it. You can also chop it and mix it with food too. All my dogs loooove Chibello. Hope some of my ideas help.