Monday, February 13, 2017

Monday Morning Inspiration/Oscar de la Renta Resort 2017

Last week, I told you about a book that I was reading, Gary, The Most American of All American Cities. I found the book to be extremely interesting, and enlightening. Rather than watch the Grammy Awards last night, I finished my book. How are you when you finish a book that you have thoroughly enjoyed? Maybe you're like me, I close the book, hold it for a moment, turn it over and re-read the back cover, hold it in my hands for a few moments longer as I ponder what I've just read, and then rather sadly say goodbye. Isn't it wonderful though when you read something that really touches you? Now the search is on for the next great read :)

I've been sharing quite a bit of lace inspiration recently. The Haute Couture Club of Chicago will have a lace challenge at our next meeting. What usually takes place is our speaker will have about 45 minutes to give their presentation. Then we move into the challenge. Everyone who participates will have made something that they feel fits the criteria of the challenge. They put on their garment and then explain what they have done. It's always a lot of fun to see what everyone has made. So I am hoping that with all the inspiration that I've found, we'll have some knock out pieces for our fashion show which will be Sunday, May 7, 2017.

When I was looking for a fashion show of the Valentino 2017 Resort Collection last week, I stumbled upon the Oscar de la Renta Resort Collection. It's a beauty! This collection also showcases a number of lace pieces that I thought were especially lovely.

The collection mixes tweeds with lace and little sweaters. Love the peek-a-boo lace near the hem.

Lace godets add an airy touch to a tweed dress.

Love this little flapper inspired lace cocktail dress. Perfect combination of 2 laces and feathers.

This dress has applied lace on the tulle. The back of the bodice is lace.

Lace insets in the jacket.

Crochet is also a form of lace.

Love the combination of the stretch lace tee with the pieced skirt. 

I left the last 2 images in their larger size so you could really see the application of the lace. So pretty.

If you would like to see more still pictures from the collection, you can find them HERE at Vogue.com. 

There are many other pieces that are especially pretty, and there's nothing better than actually seeing the clothes move, so I've included the fashion show below. It's not too long :) 

Hope you enjoyed the show!
Have a great week!!!

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  1. I love all of these pieces especially that skirt with the crochet inset and lace accents.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it 😊 I thought the entire collection was really quite lovely.

  2. When I was in 2nd grade, I took home a large print, pictures-in-the-margins children's edition of 'Heidi'. I carried it to the far side of the bed in my parent's bedroom and laid on the floor between the bed and the wall and read it straight through. And I cried when I got to the end because the story was over and I didn't want it to be.

    I (usually) don't cry anymore, but I still feel a little melancholy when I finish a great read....

    Those lace garments are lovely. Hope you can post some of the HCCC pieces; I love to see whatch'all are doin' up there... ;-)

    1. Ahhh, what a sweet story 😊 If only we could always hold on to the pure innocence of childhood.

  3. Love several of those pieces, especially the lace godets in the shoulder princess seamed dress. Hmm maybe I'll give that idea a try for the spring. Thanks for finding all these lovely items and sharing with all of us.

  4. Some wonderful inspiration here!
    I listen to audio books while I sew. (That way I'm doing two things at once and the sewing doesn't suffer while I read.) Often I end up sewing way later than I should because I want to know what happens next in the book.

  5. I love it when lace is mixed with unexpected fabrics - and tweed qualifies! I'm sure the couture club will make some amazing garments.
    I love reading so understand just what you mean about your book. Sometimes you are left wishing there was more.