Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Wednesday Showcase

A friend has asked me to help decorate a guest bedroom. She has a fun pine log bed, so she would like to go for a mountain/forest type theme. We ordered a new dresser and bedside tables, along with new bedside lamps. I've purchased the fabric for the curtains, duvet, and dust ruffle. I think it is going to look so lovely once it is all pulled together. I had intended to share a little yesterday, but my day got away from me. So tomorrow :) 

We're into the 3rd week of January, and our 3rd blogger showcase post. Thanks again to those of you who encouraged me to bring the posts back as I am truly enjoying showcasing and meeting new bloggers.

First up today is Tomasa from Sew Much Fashion. She lives in New Jersey and has taken full advantage of her close proximity to New York by attending The Fashion Institute of Technology. She has earned certificates in ladies tailoring, draping and haute couture techniques. Below is a wonderful example of her creativity and amazing skills. 

Tomasa has a wonderful eye for what a pattern can be. She took Butterrick 5616 and truly made it her own. You can see her full post and more details HERE.

As with everyone who sews, fit it extremely important to Tomasa. You can find her posts on pant fitting HERE and HERE. Great info.

You can also find Tomasa on Pattern Review. She was featured as a Member In Focus and you can find that article HERE

I think you are going to truly enjoy meeting Tomasa, so pop over and say hello. She's been going through a HUGE construction job on her home, so I'm sure she would welcome a a nice hello. 

A few years ago, I taught a few classes at The American Sewing Expo in Novi, Michigan. While I was there, I met Londa Rohlfing of Londa's Creative Sewing. Until recently, I had no idea that she followed my blog. 

Londa is a master when it comes to restyling a sweatshirt. Hard to believe that the piece below started life as a sweatshirt!

Here are a few more fabulous examples.

Londa has a passion for teaching and especially enjoys working with children. Teaching them to sew simple shapes and making it fun by adding a piece for a doll guarantees that a new sewist will be born!!!  

Londa has a wonderful website that is packed with great information, free patterns and a link to her programs on It's Sew Easy. You can find it all HERE.

You can check out her entire website HERE. Be sure to visit her Gallery page. You will be inspired!!!

Well, the sun is shining, and the great outdoors is calling! I'm so happy to finally be feeling like myself again. Not only me, but Gracie too as I think she really missed getting out for a hike.

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. So glad you are doing your Wednesday showcase. Just one example of what a creative resource you are.

  2. Oh goodness Rhonda! Thank you so very much for featuring me in your wonderful Wednesday showcase column. I am truly flattered and honored. I too am in awe with what Londa has created out of sweatshirts - truly amazing.

    1. Always my pleasure 😊 Hope the construction on your home is coming to a close soon. We had some major foundation work done our home a few years back. Glad it's over!

    2. Foundation work...aargh...I certainly understand. We ran into a little bit of a hiccup (which I will blog about soon) but we are thankfully back on track.

    3. I know you are going to be happy to have all of this over and back in your home. Positive thoughts are coming your way for a speedy, and safe completion. 😊

  3. What lovely garment, and I must say absolutely beautifully fitted trousers! Thank you for sharing the blogs of these talented ladies. Xx

    1. Those pants are pretty incredible! All of the bloggers from the Wednesday Showcase are incredible, including you 😊

  4. What beautiful works! I LOVE all! I am really inspired by them. Thank you for sharing:)

  5. Somehow ???? I missed this post . Tomasa is such a talented sewer & she always is the first to comment on my blog ! Such a nice lady !
    My niece is coming to visit next month & wants to sew so Londas site is also perfect & timely

    1. Isn't it wonderful that we can have friends from everywhere?!! Have fun sewing with your niece 😊