Monday, May 4, 2015

Monday Morning Inspiration

Finally, the temperatures have taken an upward turn and I'm feeling the need to get out summer linens and maybe add a lacey touch to them.
This week is going to be a bit of an odyssey for me. On Wednesday afternoon, I'm flying down to Texas for a very whirlwind trip. Just about every moment will be packed. On Friday, I am driving back to my hometown and visiting the cemetery where my great-grandparents are buried. What has bothered me for quite some time is the fact that my great-grandmother's grave has never been marked with a tombstone. She was such a loving and caring lady. Sadly, she died when I was only 5 years old, but I have the the most wonderful of memories of her. On Sunday, she would  always have us over for a lunch that usually included fried chicken. To honor her memory, I've decided that a wrong should be righted and her grave should be marked. It will be an emotional day I'm sure, but a good day.
With my thoughts focused on what I'll be doing later this week, I've thought so much about my great-grandmother. I have the sweetest little handmade doll that belonged to her. I also have a number of doilies that she crocheted. I have doilies that my grandmother crocheted as well. For the most part, they sit in a box where they are only looked at from time to time. I'm sure that many of you have the same box sitting somewhere in your house as well. So what to do? I decided to take a look and see if there would be any ideas that would spark my interest and I found a number.
This was the first piece that caught my eye. What a spectacular piece.
 Maybe taking a round piece and mixing it with some yardage from an old tablecloth.
Cutting up pieces and mixing them linen. Perfect for summer.
This skirt was probably crocheted to be a skirt, but what a great idea for using different pieces together.
 How about taking a piece and using it as the back of a top?
Or repurposing a men's skirt?
 I love this idea, just a touch that turns this knit top into something a little more special.
   A round tablecloth into a skirt.
 Repurposing an old sweater with multiple pieces.
 How about dyeing the doilies to match and covering a dress?
This sweet lady made her wedding gown using doilies. You can read about it HERE. Now this is truly an heirloom gown.
For non clothing items, what a lovely way to use a piece and have a memory at the same time. Beautiful for a bedroom.
And if you truly have more than you know what to do with, cover a tree!!!! I don't think I could ever do this, but then I thought that if you were having a garden wedding, this might be a beautiful focal point in the garden. 
A friend will be going with me on Friday, which I am very grateful for. As I said, I know it will be a very emotional day, but a good day. It's good to honor the memories of those who loved us.
Have a lovely day!

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  1. Eeek! I love the doily dresses! The blue one is divine! Crocheted doilies and table cloths are usually plentyful in our thriftstores. I think I need to start hoarding!! Thanks for the inspiration :D

  2. Ooh, how I like this morning's inspiration. I've long since given away all the inherited doilies and runners that passed through my house over the years, but I was recently wondering what to do with all the fancy tablecloths that I still have. Now I know - and thankfully I can crochet just well enough to add some custom trims where necessary. Thanks for this. And know that all your readers will be sending special thoughts your way on Friday.

  3. I like the one that mixes lace with linen. I have lots of doilies my Gram made and also crocheted lace from pillow cases. Some that is Greek Key.

  4. I hope you enjoy your trip and have a peaceful time at the cemetery. I think it's beautiful what you're doing. Its wonderful that she could have had such an impact on you at such an early age. I was surprised to find out just last summer that my grandfather doesn't have a headstone. He died about 10 years before I was born. Why his three sons didn't bother is a question I will never know the answer to.
    I love the doily tree!

  5. Thanks for your doily inspiration. I do have that box full in my stash room. I saw the dress with the dyed doiles and thought, maybe?

    Revel in the feelings that marking your dear great grandmother's grave bring out. It is a sign of your love and caring. Safe travels. Once again, your kindness rises to the top like sweet cream.

  6. Too many memories associated with my great-grandmother's, grandmother's and mother's handicrafts to give them away or put on clothing that will become dated. Embroidered tablecloths, crocheted and tatted doilies, hankies with all sorts of techniques. I'm going to sew them to linen napkins and give them to the next generation--useful, environmentally friendly, and beautiful.

    1. I wish I had someone to pass my things down to, but sadly, I'm it. So I've decided to use pieces in whatever way will bring me joy. So happy that you have a new generation that will appreciate the beautiful handwork of their ancestors :)

  7. I have to admit I do have a few doilies around from mum. And maybe she got them from grandmother. Not sure I want to wear a doilie but reading this post I thought a nice framed art piece would be nice. Put it on my one day list. Best wishes for the trip.