Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Leather and Lace

Well, actually it's slips and motorcycle jackets, but kind of the good girl, bad girl thing anyway ;)
As I think you all know, the first sew along at Sew News will be the Valentine Slip from Sew Chic Patterns. The sew along will begin the week of March 2nd, so it's just around the corner! Just in case you haven't thrown your name in yet, Laura Nash of Sew Chic is giving away a free pattern. You may enter the give away HERE. Laura has a post up on her blog about the slip that you might want to take a look at as she offers a few other design ideas. You can find it HERE.
I have actually made 2 Valentine slips. Below is my first one. I used a lace and backed it with tricot. I wanted a slip that you couldn't see through.
 The back has a lovely neckline, but is quite plain.
I accented the lace with black tricot. As I was working on the slip, I felt that it needed a little something more, so I went tearing through my ribbons and found this lovely vintage ribbon that a friend had given me.Although the pattern is quite different from the lace, I think it works beautifully.
I edged the bottom of the flounce with a piece of black lace. I thought it finished off the flounce nicely.
 This is the slip that is in the magazine.
I edged the slip with lace. Take note that the lace did not come just as you see it. It was a strip of lace that I cut apart to get the desired shape. Once the lace was on the slip, I felt it needed a little something more, so I beaded it with pearls.
 I added the lace trim to the bottom of the flounce, but I did not bead it as I felt that the added weight of the beads might pull on the flounce.
If you aren't the lucky winner of the free pattern, but would like to join the sew along, you may purchase the pattern HERE. I still owe you pictures of me in the slips and that will be coming soon.  

Now, the Islander Motor City Express Jacket pattern! My pattern just arrived yesterday and I am so grateful.
I had been sent a PDF download of the pattern. The PDF is 35 pages!!! As you know, I typically love downloadable patterns, but 35 pages is a LOT to tape together.
If you decide to make the jacket, by all means, spring for the printed pattern. Taping all those pages together verses the tissue pattern....I want the tissue pattern!!
I haven't decided what fabric I will use for the jacket, but I'll be raiding my little store of fabric today and making a decision.

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  1. What a lovely slip. I love the leopard fabric with that ribbon. They go so well. This jacket seems really popular just now, you can't beat a good Motorcycle jacket. Really looking forward to seeing your version. Xx

    1. Thanks :)
      I think I may make the jacket out of a piece of coating that a friend of mine gave me. It's like an ocean blue color, my favorite color. And I think I'll use silver zips. At least that's what I think. I may change my mind once I look through my fabric.

    2. Rhonda, your slips are exquisite! The ocean blue will be great for the jacket if that is what you decide to use. You do look lovely in blue.

    3. Thanks Andrea :) I have decided to use the blue fabric. It's so pretty and I know I will enjoy wearing it.

  2. Your slips are beautiful and has me thinking about making this a wardrobe staple.

    1. I would have a difficult time of dressing if I didn't have a little wardrobe of slips. You won't regret it!

  3. My jacket pattern has also arrived. All I need now is some free time to make a start!

  4. Your slips are beautiful. I'm looking forward to the sew along.

    1. Thanks, and I'm also looking forward to the sew along. I think it should be fun.