Monday, January 19, 2015

Monday Morning Inspiration/Zippers

There was a time when a zipper served no other purpose than to close a garment. Zippers have stepped out of their dark seams and have become design accents. We've seen lots of exposed zippers over the years, but I found a few ideas that I thought were rather nice. Some I'm sure you've seen before, but it's fun to be reminded. So I hope you enjoy today's zipper inspiration.
This jacket is amazing! 
 For something similar, you could use this pattern from Silhouette Patterns.
How about using a zipper as straps. As long as the teeth are strong, I guess this would be okay. I might be a little worried about it unzipping at an inappropriate time!!! Fun idea though.
  I love the simplicity of this dress and how the touch of the black zippers make it so special.
The details of this top are so pretty.

 I thought this was a very ingenious design.
I think that both of the following pictures are made from March Tilton patterns.Just love the use of the zippers as a design and color accent.

I don't particularly care for the fabric, but I do like the design. Look closely and you'll see how the darts were manipulated so that the zippers close up the darts and the fullness is then radiated into the skirt.  
 Now, this is interesting, but I'm not too sure about how this would wear.
This is from the 2014 Ballenciaga Fall line. 
This jacket is very interesting. I think I might get lost as to what zips where! 
Someone commented to me about a cuff that was too tight. I came across this picture and thought that it could possibly be a fun fix for such an issue.                      

 If you are doing some repurposing, adding a zipper could really make the design interesting
 How about adding zippers to inverted pleats?
 Just a fun design detail.
 Each opening in this dress is actually a panel that zips closed.
 Same idea from Shingo Sato.
 Alexander McQueen. Now that we can buy zippers by the yard, you can do this at home!

Use a zipper to create a convertible collar/hood. 

  An interesting idea from Saf-T-Pocket Patterns. The zipper conceals a pocket for your valuables.
What a fun idea for children. You can take a ready made sweat shirt and just add the eyes and the zipper mouth.
I'm sure you've seen this before, but from Susan Khalje, a pearl accented picked zipper. You can find the article HERE.
How about this to die for zipper application? This is from Bunny of http://lasewist.blogspot.com/  You can find the post on this zipper HERE.
Have you ever thought, "if only I could find a transparent zipper?"  Here's a link.  
Now, a few creative pieces.

I thought this was especially interesting. A little too heavy for my taste, but as an accent, it could really be interesting.
The next time you're working on a garment, maybe think about the humble zipper. It just might add a fun and interesting detail to your piece. Zippers are no longer relegated to being hidden!!!
Have a wonderful week!

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  3. What a fabulous collection of zipper-pictures, Rhonda! Very enjoyable post.

  4. INSANELY awesome! I love that Balenciaga jacket. The zip up the back is so stunning. Drool...

  5. Rhonda, thankyou for your continued inspiration. These are wonderful ideas. These are cleverly designed.
    Cathy ( New Zealand)

  6. http://trinilove.typepad.com/my_weblog/2015/01/pairing-possibilities-mcq-alexander-mcqueen-crepe-dress-.html

  7. Another great selection. I love those Balenciaga trousers. Xx

  8. I've been eyeing the Silhouette pattern for a while and loved some of the possibilities here.

  9. How fun! Some wonderful ideas and great eye candy for a Monday! thanks

  10. Wow, these are so magnificent. So much beauty with a zipper. Thanks for sharing my friend.

  11. Wonderful ideas! My one concern with exposed (and separated) zipper teeth, is whether they will scratch and catch on fabric/ hair/etc. - and that stops my "creative thinking" right there.

  12. Some great items there. I laughed at the one with the teeth under the zip. Hilarious.

    1. It is funny, but fun for a child!! It made me laugh too ;)

  13. Rhonda, I'm honored you chose to show my "Koos" zipper. It was fun to do and made for a strong application, perfect for any bag. Thanks so much.

    1. It's an incredible and beautiful piece of work.