Sunday, July 14, 2013

An Update On The Walk Away Dress Pattern

Happy Sunday Everyone! I have to start by saying thank you for all the lovely compliments on my dress that I wore to the zoo ball. So many of you responded that you would like a step by step process, so that will be up and coming. One person who commented had a great idea. She said that she really wouldn't have an occasion to wear the dress, but a top would be great. The bustier is hip length so I can wear it with other outfits. Both pieces are easily drafted from Butterick 5678. I'll start with the dress and then move on to the bustier.
Many of you commented on the wrap around dress that I wore last week made from a "vintage 1994" Butterick pattern. I laugh a bit because 1994 doesn't seem like it should be a vintage year. Oh well, time does move on!!
I found one pattern on an Etsy site and it was gone almost immediately.

 Brenda commented that Kwick Sew has a pattern that is similar.
This is Kwick Sew 3225 and here is a link to the pattern, http://kwiksew.mccall.com/k3225-products-19881.php?page_id=3034
You can see that the skirt is a straight skirt and the top wraps around a back halter. It's not quite as forgiving as the Butterick pattern. With the Butterick pattern you can gain a pound or two and the skirt will still fit!!! Always a good thing :) I just looked and it seems that there are none of the original Butterick patterns to be found on the internet at this time. If you have your heart set on the pattern, put it in your saved searches on Ebay. I have found that sooner or later I'm always able to find what I want.
A big thank you to Brenda for doing the research and finding a similar pattern! 

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  1. Thanks so much for your nice comment on my crochet convention wardrobe! I always enjoy you blog and love this pattern.

  2. Apparently I'm a little obsessed with this idea, since I just remembered this resource, too-

    1. I really enjoyed this link Brenda and even did one last post because it was such an interesting link. Thanks so much!!!!

  3. Ooh! I really like this pattern too.

  4. I really love this. Vintage sounds so much more chic than 'out of print'