Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Flower Making Fool

Since I posted this picture a couple of weeks ago,
I have become a flower making fool!!! They are just so much fun to make!
I save tissue paper. The above flower is huge. The tissue came from a purchase I made at Anthropologie.  
I have so many old patterns that I will never use again. Most of them are patterns I used when I made clothes for my nieces. The tissue makes great flowers!!
In making the flowers, I came across a couple of little tips that I would like to share.
 First, fold your tissue as you saw in the video I posted here.
 Fold and find the middle.
This is not said in the video, but I find that it makes the tissue easier to pull apart. Cut a "V" shape in the center of the tissue. Be careful not to cut too far in as your tissue will fall apart,. 
I started tying my flowers with ribbon, makes a nice touch.
A follower gave me a great idea and it is the second tip I'm passing along. She is traveling over the holidays along with her gifts. She plans to make up the flowers, leave them folded as they will pack beautifully. When she arrives at her destination, she'll then unfold her flowers and have beautifully decorated gifts. Great idea!!!
As I said, I save tissue. Making flowers really makes a gift special. Try an animal print for the friend who is wild at heart!
I had a piece of tissue with lip prints that I think came from Victoria's Secret. Rather fun, could relay a message as well ;)
I decided to give the pom-pom effect a try. If you do this, do not cut the strips in any longer than about 2" as it can be a little difficult to pull your tissue layers apart.  
 More traditional tissue for the holidays.
One last idea I had. For those of you who do craft shows, I think this could really make your booth pop during the holidays. You could have samples made up and then have the folded flowers for sale. The customer can then take them home and unfold them and not worry about them being crushed on the way home. This idea may be a little too late for this year, but file it away for next year.
Yesterday, a group that I belong to had our annual Christmas party. We always do a grab bag gift exchange. I decorated mine with a flower I had made. My gift was really lovely, but everyone made over the flower. So make a few, you'll be a big hit. I guarantee it!!

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  1. Lauren and I will become flower making fools too! Wink! wink! Just yesterday Lauren said to me, "I need to ask Rhonda how to make the flower that she put on the white elephant gift." So I printing this and pinning it for future reference. Thanks Rhonda, you're a gem!

  2. These are gorgeous what a cool idea I must try and make some sometime...

  3. That's a great tutorial display of these amazing flower crafts. Can I ad that if you cut the tips into a heart shaped top, it is nice, too. Thanks for blogging about all things. great Blog!

  4. What a great idea! Perfect use for all those old pattern pieces you will never use!