Saturday, February 5, 2011

Rectangles, Squares and Circles...Still Catching Up

One of my favorite fabric stores is in Houston, TX, High Fashion Fabrics. This is just the most spectacular store I have ever seen. There are rows and rows of laces stacked twenty bolts high, and more silks than you can imagine, just a dream of a store. I've been told that singing stars and pageant contestants shop here. I've seen a few celebrities in the store with their seamstress picking out fabric. Whenever I am in Texas, it is a must stop. Whatever I am looking for, they have it. If you are ever in the Houston area, please stop, it is just a feast for the eyes. I drool over the laces and embroideries and wish I had a black tie event to attend every day of my life so I could justify buying everything that I see. Many years ago my husband and I were invited to a very special party. Ronald Reagan was president at the time and he was in attendance. Incredible!!, I couldn't believe we were there. That night I made the comment to my husband that I felt like the Queen of England. He said , "If you were, you would have to do this every night." No thanks,(not that I have any other choice!!) I like my life just fine. Special parties remain special, and memorable.
If you are in the Houston area, the address of High Fashion Fabrics is;
3101 Louisiana St.(it's located off the downtown area and they do have free parking)

Today's rectangle was purchased at High Fashion Fabrics. The picture does not do it justice. There are shades of grey and silver threads throughout the fabric. The pleating is permanent. The top portion is so finely pleated that it forms an elastic stretch.
To make the skirt, I began by simply serging a center back seam and in doing this, cutting off the selvage edge.Once I had the center back seam sewn, I divided the waist into four equal parts and marked it with pins.

Then I measured my waist , cut a piece of elastic, sewed it together and then divided it into four equal sections and then matched that to my skirt.

I then serged the elastic to the edge of my skirt.

At center back I turned the elastic down,

and stitched it down about a half inch. I could have done a zigzag stitch all the way around, but that would leave a line in the pretty pleating, so to hold the elastic down, I opted to just do some small tacks by hand to hold the elastic down around the waist.

In three simple steps, I have a beautiful skirt,

I have a fun little strapless dress that I can also wear with leggings and a t-shirt,

and I also have this funky poncho. Fun.
The last time I was in the store was December and they still had the fabric. They did have it in at least one other color. I'm so sorry, but I just can't remember what the color was. If you like the fabric, give them a call, I'm sure they will be happy to help you.

This fabric I found in the little fabric store in Granby, Colorado. It's pleated just like the silver/grey fabric above. It's really pretty. She also had the fabric in I think, rust and blue shades. This I know is still available as I just bought it a few weeks ago and she had plenty. Lorene of The Fabric Nook does not have a website, but she would welcome your phone call. Her number is (970) 887-2005. During the week she is open 10-5 Mountain Time, and she is open on Saturdays 9-2.
If you do end up with a piece of either of these fabrics, I would recommend hand washing them. I don't think the pleats will fall out, but if it looks like they will, just twist the skirt while it is still wet and allow it to stay twisted until it drys.
I wore the black and red skirt yesterday and received a number of compliments. It looks so much more complicated than it is. As you can see, with a minimal amount of effort you can have a great looking garment.

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