Friday, January 20, 2017

Decorating Fun!

Before I share my project, I would just like to thank all of you for the lovely, and warm welcome you gave to this week's Wednesday Showcase ladies. You are truly the best!!! 

On another note, Diane of Remembering Oz wrote a post this morning that broke my heart. It seems that someone actually had the audacity to say that her garments look like clown clothes and then go on to attack her personally. When I was in Houston back in November, I had the honor of having lunch with Diane. She is by far one of the loveliest ladies I have ever met. She is not only gracious, but kind, forgiving, and has a wonderful sense of style. If you have a moment, I'm sure she would appreciate a note. Sometimes we all need a hug, even if it's a cyber hug :)

Now, on to my fun project. As I said a few days ago, a friend asked me to help decorate a guest bedroom. She had the purchased quilt below that she wanted to use, a very woodsy theme. The room has a vaulted ceiling, so the quilt could easily be hung on the wall.

The bed, which I'll show you once the room is all pulled together, is a pine log bed. For the duvet cover and pillowcases, I chose the flannel pieces below.  

The dust ruffle fabric is below. I like how it pulls together the green and gold of the duvet cover fabrics.

This piece is my favorite! It has a wonderful watercolor aspect to the print. And if you look closely, you can see the Aspen trees. This will be used for the curtains. 

All of the fabrics together.

I found this fun lamp with a painted parchment shade from Wayfair. There will be one on either side of the bed.

We ordered new bedside tables and a new dresser which should arrive next week, so it will all come together soon. I can't wait! Decorating is so much fun!!! 

Have a wonderful day. Hope you have time to do a little something fun :)

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  1. The room will look great. Poor Diane, I'm going to visit her blog now.

  2. The Internet has been such a great tool for bringing together the sewing community but one of the downsides to being online in any respect are the trolls. I really don't know why these people think that the relative anonymity afforded by typing a comment gives then free rein to be nasty but it makes me very sad especially when it is directed against a lovely stylish lady who makes great clothes. I know that is a cliché but "haters gonna hate". It certainly says much about them. 😔 Xx

  3. Love your choice of fabrics , the curtain fabric has a fab retro look. Will be great to see the finished look, and to echo the comment from Mother of Reinvention, it is very sad that haters gonna hate , can only hope their lives become happier and they feel a bit more kindly towards everyone else ☺

  4. It is sad how the internet has let people feel they can just be plain mean.

  5. Great quilt and fabrics but I LOVE that lamp!
    Sad for Dianne. Why do people feel it's ok to make cyber comments that they almost certainly wouldn't make face to face. And probably anonymously too.