Sunday, January 15, 2017

Healthy Eating/Coconut Chickpea Curry

Finally!!!, my cold is (fingers crossed) over. But, it didn't leave quietly. I ended up with a type of cold sore/blister in my ear and a sinus infection. The sore/blister burst and bled on Thursday. Once that happened, the sinus infection took a turn for the better. So as I said, fingers crossed, I'm finally on the other side. If by chance you do come down with this nasty strain of cold, by all means, give into it and allow your body to heal. I did not until I finally had to. Lessen learned...maybe :)

Now for something to warm your soul...

Do you like Indian food? I do!!! And I especially enjoy a good curry dish. 

A while back, I posted something, I don't know what, on Instagram and it caught the attention of Jessica In The Kitchen. She posts the most amazing recipes for those who are following, or at least trying to somewhat follow a vegetarian or vegan diet.

This past week, I stumbled upon a fabulous recipe for Coconut Chickpea Curry. It sounded so good, so I just had to give it a try, and I'm very happy that I did as it is DE-LI-CIOUS!!! Below is a picture of the dish from Jessica's blog.     

A few things to keep in mind if you do give the recipe a try;

Use a purple onion rather than regular yellow onions. I think the purple onion gives the dish a more robust flavor.

The recipe calls for 14 oz. of fresh tomatoes. I used a little over 1 1/2 lbs. Be sure to cook the onions and tomatoes in coconut oil. It really makes a difference. Cook the onion tomato mixture until the tomatoes have formed a sauce. 

Once the tomatoes have cooked, the rest of the ingredients are added in. The recipe calls for a spice called garam masala. By all means, don't leave this out. You can find a recipe for the spice on THIS POST

I decided to increase the nutrients in my pot of curry and added 4 cups of fresh chopped spinach. Makes for a great addition. And...because I love a little spice, I also added cayenne pepper. If you would like a little extra zip, just add a little at a time until you have the spice level that you like. 

The recipe also calls for a little coconut flour, or regular flour to thicken the curry. I didn't feel that it needed to be thickened.

I served the curry with Madagascar Pink Rice. I found it at my local grocery store, so look around and you may find it too. It's really good!

If you don't mind the tangy taste of lime, by all means add it. The lime juice makes all the flavors really pop.

If you give it a try, and you are like me, 1 bowl will not be enough. In fact, if I had not been so full, I may have had a third bowl!!!

Be sure to check out Jessica In The Kitchen, whether you are vegan/vegetarian or not. I think you'll find some recipes that you'll love. I did!

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  1. This sounds absolutely delicious. I will try this one. Scotland's unofficial national dish is curry so it will definitely go down well at home. :) Xx

    1. Wow, I had no idea that curry was so popular in Scotland. Well, this is a really good one. I think you'll enjoy it 😊

  2. Rhonda, just had to let you know I gave this dish a try and absolutely love it! I made it as the recipe called for but can see all kinds of possibilities for variations. Thanks so much for sharing this and I look forward to many excellent meals.