Monday, January 16, 2017

Monday Morning Inspiration/Thumb Holes

We have a wonderful store in Chicago called Fleet Feet Sports. Truly an American success story. The owner began with a dream and 1 small store in Chicago. Now he has stores all over the United States. Amazing!

About twice a year, Fleet Feet has an evening fashion show to showcase all the new styles that are coming in for the season. It's a lot of fun. The last show was held the first of December. A design detail that they mentioned quite often and which also stood out to me was thumb holes, in tops as well as jackets. 

I love thumb holes! When I ski, it's a must for me. The thumb hole holds my sleeve in place and gives added warmth to my hands. Same holds true for my morning walks. when I start my walk, I'm cold, but once I warm up, I then just roll the extra length back and it helps to cool my body. As much as I love thumb holes in my athletic wear, I love them in casual t-shirts too.  

I poked around on Pinterest and was surprised to find so many examples, so I thought I would share them with you as well. 

Below is an example they were especially excited about at Fleet Feet. Rather than the hole being in the cuff of the sleeve, it's just an added piece of fabric.

Here's an easy way to add a thumb hole to a sweatshirt cuff. 

Love the styling on this thumb hole extension.

Although there is an opening for the thumb, this one is designed to still keep the cold out if the thumb hole is not being used. 

This added strip is even easier to do than the first example.

This could be added to a purchased or previously made top or sweatshirt. The pop of color would also be fun. 

I thought this one was interesting. The thumb hole is actually hidden in the zippered cuff. What a great design detail!

Another pop of color and a fun detail. A"v" shaped inset was added along with another strip to allow for an opening.

From Lulumon, the cuff with a thumb hole is the perfect place to hide and hold keys, credit cards and identification.

This was an ad for Fossil watches. The added length for the thumb hole was attached with a zipper for easy viewing of the watch.

Another jacket with a thumb hole. Elastic around the hand helps to keep the cold out. There's also a hidden zippered pocket included.  

Hope you found that a little interesting :)

Hope you can find a little time to get out this week and enjoy nature. And if you do...stay warm!
Have a wonderful week!

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  1. Wow, this thumb holes are really ingenious. I love the zippered pocket and the concealed holes. Xx

  2. plenty of warm here today - 38 C. Will need to get my walk in early :). Interesting post. I like the idea of the key pockets.

  3. We have a computer engineer who is a member of our sewing guild. He is also a marathon runner. He showed us his latest sports gear: a jacket with an inside pocket on the sleeve where he keeps his credit card. It is the swipe variety so he just has to wave his arm over a credit card machine to pay; he says it makes the clerks amazed to think he is like a Star Trek person.

  4. Love this idea Thanks again Rhonda. :)

  5. Awesome roundup! I have made a bunch of knitted mitts recently for my cold office, but none has really worked the way I wanted it too - too thick. But this! Perfect for some beautiful wool jersey I have. Thank you very much!

    1. So happy that the post was inspiring, but sonsorry that your office is that cold. I have visions of you looking like Bob Cratchit innThe Christmas Carol. Stay warm!!!

    2. Thanks for this post. I was just thinking about this and was planning to either make a stylish pair of knitted wrist-lets or make a simple finished opening in a long-sleeve tee-shirt seam but these are much more stylish. The ones with just extra fabric for the thumb are perfect to add on to some current shirts.