Tuesday, January 10, 2017

If Only Little Red Riding Hood Had Made Cape Super Express

If only Little Red Riding Hood had used the Cape Super Express pattern, she would have finished her cape in record time, and the wolf would have missed her!!! 

The final post for the Islander Sewing Systems Cape Super Express is up on the Sew News blog and you can find it HERE. If you look at the tab section at the top of this blog, you will see a page with links to all of the sew alongs that I've done for Sew News. The Cape Super Express has been updated, so if at any point you decide that you would like to give the cape a try, you can easily refer back to the posts. Remember, the posts remain on the Sew News blog, so no expiration!

I thought that you might like to see me in the capes that I made. 
First up is the denim cape that I made for the sew along. 

You can see how nicely the hood lays on the back.

And it's perfect for when you need a little extra protection from the elements.

And finally, a flash of the lining.

Now the faux fur and velvet cape. This cape was made for the magazine. It's actually lighter in weight than the denim cape. But, for an evening out, it's perfect for throwing over your shoulders and looks great with a pair of opera length gloves.

Due to the nature of the faux fur, the hood has a little more drape to it which I really like.

A little flash of my lining. For the lining I used a wonderful piece of silk that has dragons embroidered throughout. If by chance you would like to give the pattern a try, you can find it HERE.

I have had so much fun doing the sew alongs, and I am very grateful to Sew News for giving me the opportunity to sew with all of you. 

In the February/March issue of Sew News, you'll find 2 sew alongs, the Clare Coat from Closet Case Files, and the Appleton Dress from Cashmerette. Both sew alongs will be conducted by the designers of the pattern. So be sure to check out the patterns and the sew alongs. I'm sure they'll be fun and informative.  

And I can't sign off without saying a great big thank you to all of you who have followed along and made the patterns over the past 3 years. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!!!!!    

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  1. Love both versions ! Thanks for all your time & inspiration

  2. wow Rhonda , I love both of these I will have to have a go at a cape I think.

  3. Thank you for doing the sewalongs.

  4. Both your capes are lovely but I do have a soft spot for fur so LOVE the second. They look really cozy. Xx

  5. I love both of these capes! Makes me wish it wasn't cold for 2 days in Texas :)