Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Not Your Grandmother's Lace

A number of years ago, in order to encourage our members to sew, and create for our annual fashion show, we began having sewing challenges for our Haute Couture members. It's always fun to see what everyone creates. 

This year's show is shaping up to be fun and exciting. If by chance you are in Chicago the first part of May, we would love to have you attend. The show will be on Sunday May 7, 2017. More info on the location and show in another post.

Our next challenge is entitled, "Not Your Grandmother's Lace." Participants are welcomed to make anything they wish from lace, but it doesn't need to a traditional version of lace. Our fashion show chair is encouraging everyone to think bold. 

Since we all love to sew, create, and be inspired, I thought I would do a lace post not only for our members, but for anyone who happens to pop by the blog :)

I lost the link to this jacket, so if anyone knows the designer, please let me know. I love the idea of appliqued lace and velvet over tweed.

From Turkish designer Yildirim Mayruk, the unexpected interior lace accent on this coat makes for a spectacular presentation.  

Not so much out of the box, but just a touch of lace along the bottom of this skirt really makes the look a complete ensemble.

From Bebe, manipulating lace to form a pattern makes a simple silhouette eye catching.

I believe the designer of this jacket is Armani. A twist on a princess line seam with the inset lace makes this jacket so special. 

I was unable to find a credit for this lace skirt. The see through length of this skirt makes it drop dead sexy and yet the wearer is completely covered.

From Pamella Roland, an entire jumpsuit of lace. This could be paired with a denim or linen jacket and worn in a more casual fashion.

Love the lacy shoulder and how it was pulled together with the extension of the sleeve.  

Another Pamella Roland design. Macrame sleeves make this jumpsuit really pop.

Although not traditional lace, the weaving on this Thakoon design invites the eye to focus. 

From Monique Lhuillier, this simple lace dress really pops with this fabulous jacket.

What a spectacular combination from Dior, suede, lace and fur!

Give a trench coat an unexpected twist with a lace skirt.

For something very unexpected, a sweatshirt made of lace. Love the lace extensions on the coat too!


I was unable to find the designer of this skirt, but I love the twist on a granny square!

I don't think that many of us would be so bold as to wear this piece without something underneath!!! From Lanvin, this crocheted and interlaced top is truly unexpected.

From Jean Louis Sabaji. Lace leaves created in various sizes give the illusion of leaves falling in fall. 

Another take on the same idea from Giambattista Valli.

If you would like to give the leaf idea a try, HERE'S an easy way to create leaves with 3-dimensional design fabric paint. 

And finally, lace and feathers from Chanel. Talk about an unexpected top with a pair of jeans!

I'm looking forward to seeing what our members create. The challenge won't take place until March. So for those of you in Haute Couture, fire up those machines and get creating! Hopefully I've inspired all of you to think a little differently about lace as well.

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Wow -such beautiful inspiration!

  2. What a beautiful post. I am especially in love with the Dior long waist coat. Thanks for all the inspiration. Xx

  3. Wow, all so beautiful. If only we had places to go to wear such beautiful garments.

  4. Luscious lace eye candy!! These definitely are NOT traditional.

  5. You're better than Pinterest!

  6. You found some amazing pieces! I want them all!

  7. I look forward to what you come up with. Nice collection. The basic trench with lace is amazing.

  8. Fab pieces , thank you for sharing these , my favorites are the first jacket it's devine, and Thakoon's woven leather inserts what a great challenge.

  9. I've had that first coat Pinned for a long time. It sure speaks to me. I also love the lining with the wide lace strips. All the designs are devine.

  10. Wow Rhonda, I love this so much inspiration. You are fabulous !! Thanks again .:)