Saturday, January 9, 2016

Sleeves On Saturdays/Now Easy to Find

Happy Saturday!!!
This past week, I received a message about one of my sleeve tutorials, and I was told that it was a little difficult to find. So I thought that before I start adding more to the pile of tutorials that I have done(and there is quite a pile!!), I would add a Sleeves On Saturday page to the blog. I've only begun to add the links, it's a rather large job, but within the next week or two, all of the links to all of the sleeves that I have done to date should be much easier to find. In the meantime, you can always go to my Sleeves On Saturdays Pinterest page and find them as well.
Since there are so many sleeve tutorials, I thought I would do a little recap. You'll find more on the Pinterest page, but this will help to refresh your memory...and mine :)

You'll find sleeves with draped pleats. The 2 below look similar, but they are actually not the same at all. Fun to draft and wear!
The sleeves featured below also look rather similar, but again, the drafting is different and how they fall on the body is also quite different.
Over the past few years we've done a number of gathered and shirred sleeves. The outcome can be quite interesting! 
One of my favorite tops, I called this the Haute Hippy Sleeve. It's actually a regular sleeve that was crocheted into the armhole.  
This has been my most pinned sleeve to date. It was a special request by a follower who was trying to develop the traditional Philippine sleeve. On the top right you see a lovely lady who gave the tutorial a try and made such a beautiful outfit.
We did shirred accents and made something that could be boring a lot more interesting.
We've created drapes and did a little twisting! 
We created sleeves that gave the shoulder a very square look and then took it a step farther and made it really stand out. 
Along the way, we have had a few drafting exercises. I showed you how to draft a sleeve and then create a fitted sleeve with a dart.
We've had fun with gathers. The sleeve at bottom right actually has a fake cuff. The cuff is a part of the sleeve.  
We've also created a lot of pleats. 
We used a set-in sleeve pattern and created a raglan sleeve. From there we created a barrel shaped raglan sleeve.  
This is such a pretty sleeve. I actually created it to for the post I did for the Sew News blog on drafting Peter Pan collars. Take note that the sleeve remains fitted through the top portion and then flares into the round bottom with gathers at the cuff.
Here's a full view of the blouse. If you would like to see the post on drafting Peter Pan Collars, you can find it HERE.

We've drafted sleeves that are very structured in nature. 
And finally, we've taken a traditional sleeve and given it a new twist like the Twisted Petal Sleeve below,
 and this super fun sleeve which is great on a jacket or coat, The All Points South Sleeve.
Hope you've enjoyed this look back. Like I said, there are more, I just decided to pull these out. So check out the Pinterest page. Or until I finish doing the links, you can also put Sleeves On Saturdays in the search box to the right.

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  1. This will fill my head with inspiration all over again! Plus, it will be easier to find the ones I want to see. You would laugh if you saw how many of your Sleeves on Saturdays posts I have saved as separate items in my Favorites list. Thank you, thank you, thank you, I can never say it enough. :)

  2. Wow, so many cool and unique sleeves!! Love it!!

  3. Rhonda, how nice of you to put the links all in one place. You are so sweet. Thank you so much!

  4. Wow look at all those beautiful sleeves. Thank you for taking the time out to do this!

  5. Lots of inspiration, thanks for putting them all together.

  6. These are great, and it's so nice of you to put them together in one place. I really want to read more about that gathered (or shirred?) sleeve where the stripes make a bullseye; what a cool effect!

  7. There just aren't enough Saturdays to try all these! Thank you

  8. When I first came across your sleeve variations,I thought that I would try them all, or at least the ones that appealed to me most. That has not happened as yet, but when I finally get around to it, this will make it so much easier to access the information. Thank-you so much!

  9. I remember enjoying your sleeve presentation sew much at the ASE in Novi a couple of years back. Since meeting you then, you have inspired me sew many times with your broad depth of sew many topics❣ By the way, I just suggested you on their recent teacher request on the ASE page. Would be fantastic to see your magic again❣

  10. I knew there were a lot of sleeves; thank you for the inspiration!

  11. From my heart to yours, you are wonderful and I thank you so very much for sharing your talent. I look forward to the Saturday tutorials as they have helped me,inspired me and motivated me to try new things and not give up. I will also check out Pinterest what a great resource,thanks.