Friday, January 8, 2016

The Studio Kat Cosmo Bag Sew Along, The Final Post

Just wanted to let you know that the final post for the Studio Kat Cosmo Bag is up on the Sew News blog and you can find it HERE
I cannot wait to start using this bag. I really liked the first one that I made, but I absolutely love this bag! The only thing that I think I am going to add to the bag is a hard bottom. I talked about adding a hard bottom when I did the tutorial for the oversized tote bag HERE. A hard bottom will give the bag a little more structure, which I really like.
Over all, this is a great bag. I think the backpack option will make traveling through an airport so much easier. Then once I don't need the backpack option, I can easily change it back to a shoulder bag or a crossbody bag. 
By the way, I've added all the links to the sew along posts for the Cosmo Bag to the Sew News Sew Along Link Page, so if you think you would like to make the bag at a later date, you can easily refer back to the sew along posts.
Have fun making your own bag....or bags ;)

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  1. What a beautiful bag. I really like the leather trim. Xx

    1. Thanks! I'm really happy with how it turned out :)