Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Wednesday Showcase

Our first Wednesday Showcase post for 2016!!! Amazing, I've been doing the Wednesday Showcase posts for at least 3 years, and I've yet to grow tired of them. There are just so many of you all over the world doing such wonderful work and you have such interesting lives too. What a pleasure and a joy to get to know you.

First up is Barbara Jane of  http://barbarajanemade.com/. She's not afraid to take on any challenge and she loves a little whimsy too. Check out this fabulous pair of pineapple jeans. What fun!!!

Barbara says that she absolutely loves to sew and learn new techniques, like making this lovely Alabama Chanin top. 
I included this picture, she made the skirt, but I just love the mix of patterns. So pretty! 
Barbara called this her wallpaper dress. I beg to disagree...this is not a gal that melts into the wall :) 
Be sure to pop over and check out Barbara's blog. You'll find lots of whimsy and fun as well as a beautiful smile.

Next up is a very intriguing young woman. Her name is Pippa and she works on a boat!!!!! How incredible is that?!! Her blog is appropriately named, http://beadsandbarnacles.co.uk/ 
I just had to include the picture below. In this post, she talked about the wear and tear on garments when you are exposed to the weather and especially salt. She said that she does a lot of mending, even with people still in their clothes.

Pippa is quite resourceful. She had a wedding to go to, not enough time to make something to wear. Was in a panic to have something for the wedding, bought a dress that she wasn't happy with. Ended up finding another dress, and then decided to make good use of the first and turn it into a maxi skirt. 
As I said, her blog is very appropriately named. In her spare time Pippa takes on making and altering ballroom dancing gowns. She talked about the yards and yards that were in this dress. Reminds me of my wedding gown days! 
She's also a very gifted knitter. Below is a headband that she whipped up quickly. An amazing woman with so many talents and interests. 
In today's post, we went from one side of the world to the other, Barbara in Australia, to Pippa in England. So exciting!

In whatever corner of the world this post may find you today, I wish you a very creative day!
Happy Wednesday :)

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  1. Wonderful blogs. Thank you for sharing them. Xx

    1. Pippa reminds me so much of you. She too has such varied interests :)

  2. How nice to be introduced to creative people all around the world...Thanks!

  3. thanks so much for showcasing me Rhonda!

  4. Aww thanks so much for featuring me. It was slightly odd to see myself when scrolling through your pins on my feed!
    Always lovely to see the other bloggers you feature.