Friday, February 14, 2014

Linda's Raised Collar, It's Beautiful!

Good Morning Everyone!!! I am working on a new Fabulous Free Pattern Friday piece that I hope to post a little later today, but a shout out and a big thank you needs to go out to Linda of http://seamswell.blogspot.ca/2014/02/butterick-5678-modified-neckline.html. As I scrolled through a piece that she posted yesterday, I came across this top
and my first thought was, "wow I love that neckline!" Now in all honesty, I am very bad about scrolling through blogs and looking at the pictures. I guess I'm a picture kinda gal!! I've always loved picture books:) As I scrolled through, my name caught my eye and I was pleasantly surprised to see that Linda had purchased Butterick 5678. You may remember that I did a series of collar posts for Sew News and used this pattern as my base.
This is the collar I drafted for the tutorial.
Linda said that she was very happy with how the blouse turned out. I do love her neckline!
If you would like to check out the tutorial I did on the raised neckline, you can find it here, http://www.sewnews.com/blogs/sewing/2013/05/28/rhonda-buss-the-raised-collar-neckline-tutorial/
As I said, I did an entire series of collar posts and you can find those here, http://www.sewnews.com/blogs/sewing/?s=Rhonda+Buss
Thanks so much Linda for taking a chance on the collar. I'm truly honored.
If by chance any of you give a sleeve or Free Pattern Friday piece a try, let me know. I always love to see what you've done and even more, I love to brag on your work!!!

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  1. I love both versions - yours and Linda's. So pretty.That would take any neckline up several notches.

  2. Wow! How fun to open your blog and see my blouse! I will likely try this one again and try to get the back a tad higher. I'll share that when (and if) it happens. I definitely want to try a sleeve - all in due time. :)
    thanks and a big hug to you!

    1. Hugs to you too Linda! I've thought about you a good bit this week as I came across your pillowcases while packing them up for their journey to Puyallup.

  3. I love the neckline, but Rhonda - check out the great diagonal hem on the original as well - it's fantastic !!!!

  4. Thanks for sharing this. I like the idea of not fussing with making a collar every time I make a blouse.

  5. I love both those tops! I might just have to give that neckline a try. ~Teri