Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Wednesday Showcase

Well, it's happening, we're melting and melting fast. We've dealt with a crazy amount of snow and now it's a crazy amount of water. I have one dog who is like a typical little boy and will walk through any and all puddles(of course coming home and needing a bath after her walk, fun...not!) and another who does her utmost best to avoid water at all costs. What a treat it is to walk them!! Oh well, this too shall pass.
As always, I have two sensational and very talented ladies to introduce you to today.
First up is Mary of http://inspiredsewing.wordpress.com/. She says, " I lived in Ireland for the first half of my life and Philadelphia for the second half--so far! I have always loved Sewing and all things creative . I am starting an inspired sewing and design Blog to connect with like minded friends." Mary is brand new to the blog world, she just started blogging this past November, so please welcome her with open arms.
Mary's work is simply, as her blog title states, inspired. Above is an incredible jacket that she made. She was inspired by the colors and the terrain of Ireland. 
I encourage you to read the post for yourself as I think you will enjoy reading about what brought her to be inspired to make this jacket. You can find the post here, http://inspiredsewing.wordpress.com/2013/12/17/picking-up-the-pieces/ Oh my goodness, I love this jacket!
 Bead work that she added to a bag creation.
Fabulous work Mary. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your creations!

Next up is Graca of http://sewessentiallysew.blogspot.com/ Here's a little about her, "I'm a Canadian prairie gal who lives far from any respectable fashion districts but who loves to sew. I've been sewing off and on for many years. Any day sewing is a happy day. Yes, even if I have to put down the sewing needle and pick up a seam ripper. I love the creative process of starting a project from shopping for the fabric to hand stitching the final details."
Graca is on Pattern Review and you can find her reviews here,  http://sewing.patternreview.com/cgi-bin/search.pl?search=1&ProfileID=265247. She has also taken the No Ready To Wear Challenge that so many of you have joined. I knew better than to make the commitment and it's a good thing I didn't as I just went out and bought a brand new ski outfit. I applaud all of you who have taken the challenge and are happily making all of your clothes this year. Graca has also been working on the Stash Busting Challenge. She's doing a fabulous job as she made over 30 new pieces last year for herself, family and her home.
Here are some lovely examples of her work.
The above piece is the  Liz Misono Angel top. Love the print.
What a beautiful jacket! When she posted the coat, she talked about the fact that Tim Gunn says that we all need a trench coat in our wardrobe. Hey, who says it has to be boring?!!
I don't post a lot about quilting, but I do love to quilt believe it or not and there is nothing I love more than a true scrap quilt. I see them as a window into the life of the person who made the quilt. So pretty.
One of her stash busting projects. This is one piece of fabric that needs to be out of the closet. Beautiful colors!
Graca has also been trying her hand at making lingerie. She highly recommends this Butterick pattern. She said the panties are sexy and have give great butt coverage. Now there's a combination you don't see too often ;)
As I said, two very talented and inspirational ladies. I know I'm very excited about getting to know them a little better through their blogs.
Have a wonderful day!

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  1. I don't know how you find these fascinating, creative blogs! I have enjoyed every Wednesday because of the new and interesting posts each week. Thank you for keeping up these weekly highpoints, they show how willing you are to shine the light on others. I look forward to more....


    1. You're sweet Cynthia :) I gain the most out of these posts though. After all, it's how I found you!

  2. Wow - some great garments there.

  3. Rhonda, thank you so much for showcasing my blog. As you may have seen you are on my list of favorite blogs. I have learned a lot from you. I am so happy for your success with Sewnews etc.

    1. My pleasure Mary :) Looking forward to more of your inspirational work.

  4. Rhonda, thank you for all your lovely and kind words. I don't feel worthy considering that I've also posted quite a few of my bloopers along the way. It was a lovely surprise to find my name mentioned along side some very talented people and your own inspiring creations. I'm so not worthy. I still have so much to learn.