Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Do You Say Bears or B'airs?

I say B'airs!
It seems as though EVERYONE I know is either having a baby or has a child that's about to have a baby. Whenever I know someone that is having a baby, I love to make a little Teddy B'air for them. Why do I call them B'airs and not Bears?
It's because they are always made from an aviation themed, cotton fabric. Cute don't you think?!!
I think they are absolutely hilarious!! I'm always amazed at how they take on their own personalities as they come together. They always make me feel so happy.
These two little B'airs are going to a lucky lady is expecting twins. Wow!!
Their arms and legs move, perfect for the two little ones that will one day fight over which b'air belongs to whom!!
If you look closely you'll see that there are slight variations in the two. After all, twins may be identical, but they are always unique in some way.
So these little b'airs will be flying off to their new home and hopefully giving the children they are intended for some very happy memories.
Have a happy life little b'airs!!!

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  1. Adorable....with your personal touch!

  2. They do take on a personality as you make them. These twins are adorable.

  3. Lucky babies!!! The cutest bears ever...or b'airs. :)

  4. Air-dorable! Love the air theme...what a nice way to add your personal touch.

  5. So you Rhonda! They are such lucky babies :)

  6. So cute! I love the kissing b'airs picture!