Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Night reflections

The Artist's Way
Week 6
Last year I shared that took down some paintings that have been a part of my life for basically, all of my life. I struggled with what I should do with them and finally decided to donate them to a charity that I felt could benefit from selling the paintings. Since that time, I have not picked up a paint brush, at least not to paint with. On Friday I attended my first art class since that time. As I wrote that morning I wondered how I would feel. Would I continue to feel that shadow hanging over me that had told me so long ago that I had no talent? The good news is that I didn't. Mind over matter, maybe, but does it really matter? I think not. I felt liberated, free to express myself and an excitement about what I want to create.
This past week was about restoring a sense of abundance. My new found sense of abundance came to me as a feeling of finally being able to shed the weight that has held me back, a weight that should have never been placed on me. My dreams are a gift and have been given to me because I can bring them to life like no other person. I once shared that the richest place on earth is the graveyard. There you will find books that were never written, songs that have never been composed, paintings that were never painted, in short, lives that were never lived to their fullest, lives that were never lived in abundance. If we don't do what is necessary to conquer our enemies, they'll taunt us our entire lives and keep us from the rich and full life that we were created to live.
We move on to week 7, recovering a sense of connection. We'll see some of the reasons we hold ourselves back, perfectionism,the fear of taking a risk and the big one jealousy. I love what Julia Cameron says about jealousy, that it is actually a map that can  lead us to where we actually want to be. In connecting we come to realize that there is room for us all. Jealousy says that there is room for only one. It doesn't allow for the abundance of the universe.
In this week's list of tasks we are asked to visit a sacred place. This week will begin my favorite period of the year, lent which builds up to Easter Sunday. So this task will be quite easy for me. Another task that I would highly recommend is the task of creating a collage, an autobiography of sorts. Grab a stack of magazines and give yourself 20 minutes to go through and quickly find images that depict your past, present, future or anything that appeals to you. Arrange them on a board and display the board. It can be a great reminder of what is important to you for your life.
As always, thank you for stopping by and sharing in my journey. It is truly and honor.
Wishing you a wonderful week.

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  1. Rhonda, I really enjoy the thoughtfulness with which you write these posts. Thanks for putting yourself out there in such a personal way.