Saturday, February 4, 2012

Fabulous Free Pattern Friday

FWell, I'm back. I was so surprised when I turned on the computer and saw that there are three new followers. Thanks for joining and a hearty welcome!
A quick thank you to Irene for her well wishes for my Miss Little Bit. We had a rough few days. She has a slipped disk and for some reason this time we just couldn't get her out of pain. It was gut wrenching to hear her scream. She was so precious though, as I would try to move away, she would reach out for me to stay by her side and so there I would stay. Thankfully, I could. For any of you who have animals, I know you'll agree, their lives are just too short. The medicine has finally taken hold and she seems to be much better. I am so thankful.
So on to our pattern for the week. A little side note first, it seems I either scared a few of you last week, or you just didn't like the skirt. It really is a fun little skirt, so I think I may try doing it again, but try a different way of explaining the pattern. I just can't give up that easily on this one!
Today's pattern is a combination of the Ruan/Shawl,
and the Flutter Top. Just click on highlighted words and it will take you to the instructions for these two pieces.
Super easy to do, just a big rectangle, and who can't use a nice robe or as was once called a dressing gown?
 I'm calling the picture below my Jesus Christ picture. Can I look any more serious?!! Oh well, At least it gets the idea across, I hope.

The back does not have the border on the sides. My fabric only had the border on one side so I had to make a decision. I decided to use the border on both sides of the front and leave the back plain.
Because I wanted to use the borders, I had to add a shoulder seam, otherwise, the pattern is exactly the same idea as the shawl/ruan.
The differences will be that I did not round off the bottom edges. The piece remains as a rectangle. The length will be the length that you would like you piece to finish. You can use the measurements I used in the above piece, but this will make a short robe. If you want a floor length robe, the measurement I used on the right hand side of the pattern to determine the neckline will of course change. As for the width, with arms outstretched, measure from one wrist to the other. For most of us, a 60" wide piece of fabric will be plenty. I used a 60" wide piece of fabric for mine.
To finish the edge around the neckline, I used a piece of bias tape. The hem and the sides were turned under and stitched twice.
Now it's time to draw in the stitching lines for your side seams.
On the flutter top only one side had the drape. On this robe there will be a stitching line equally spaced on either side of center front so that there will be drape on both sides. Make sure to leave plenty of room for your arm. I left a 12" opening.
 Once this is done, try on your piece and find your waistline. Remember to give yourself a little ease at the waistline so that the tie will not end up riding too high on your waist when you move your arms. Make an opening on the side stitching lines about 2" long by making a large buttonhole.
The picture below shows how the tie goes through the sides and leaves the flutter edges open. 
Make a tie that is 2" wide by as long as you need. By the way, I have a tape measure that is 120" long. It is one of my favorite tools. I bought it when I was making some drapes and it now comes in very handy. I use this to determine just how long I need to make many things.
So another easy pattern. I had just enough of my fabric leftover to do a little gown to wear along with this. That will be next week's pattern.
Good luck if you decide to give this a try and as always, shoot me an email if you have any questions.

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  1. Nice, almost a caftan, but better fit.

  2. Hay I was looking through your posted and this caught my eye. But you rarely add which type of fabric you use. I was wondering what you used for this. What would be best?

    1. Thanks for pointing out the fact that I need to include fabric information. I used a woven fabric for this robe. A knit would stretch too much unless it is a stable knit.