Thursday, February 23, 2012

I bought this Mizono pattern a month or so ago. We're having such a mild winter and I wanted something that I could slip on quickly, have warmth, but not the warmth of a heavier coat. 
The pattern calls for a double sided fleece. I found this fabric while I was in Denver visiting Denver Fabrics (great store by the way). I love the fabric, but it was a mess to cut. Both sides have a low pile fur like texture. After the pieces were cut, I took them outside and shook them like crazy. It looked like there had been a fire that deposited black flakes on the snow!
You can see that the coat is very oversized, which is fine. The reason the pattern calls for double sided fleece is because all the edges are left unfinished which is fine, but my issue is the seams. The pattern says to cut the seams down to 3/8". If I did, then the seams would be stubby and just stick out, so I've decided to leave the 5/8" seams in tack and zigzag them down. I think I'll like the collar area better once the seam allowance is sewn down. It just rather falls right now. 
The pattern is rather bizarre in how it is cut and goes together. What I'm trying to show in the above picture is that the sleeve seam actually curves to the front.
In this picture I'm holding up one of the sleeves to show the side seam. The front is quite a bit shorter than the back. I'm just not too sure about this, although I do like the drape of the back. I may wear it before I take the scissors to it.
This is the back. It does have nice lines.
I had it hanging on my form last night and my husband noticed it and commented about how much he liked it. As I said, I think I'll like it better once I do something with the seams and make a decision about the side seams. I will not be making this pattern again so if anyone would like to have it, I'll be more than happy to pass it on. The first person to comment and ask for the pattern will get it. So no contest, just passing it along. Just to let you know, I cut the size 10 pattern. It's very oversized as you can see.  
Remember, if you would like a chance to win the Red Bandanna Skirt that I posted last Friday, today is your last chance to leave a comment on that post. I'll announce the winner tomorrow.
See you tomorrow for Fabulous Free Pattern Friday!

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  1. Very cool, Rhonda! I bet this looks great on you. I know it's a bit late, but I am wondering if this would have been a candidate for overlapped seams.

    The size 10 probably wouldn't fit me. :)

  2. I didn't even think about overlapped seams. The back has a very different detail, so maybe, maybe not. For something so simple, I've sure given this a lot of thought.

  3. A very interesting jacket. This is one of those styles that I would love to be able to wear, but I know that it would overwhelm me. I'll just live vicariously through you!

    1. Irene, you can try making the pattern in a fabric that is lighter and has more drape than the recommended fleece.

  4. Very nice, Rhonda--the Lynn Mizono coats do seem to run large, but I really enjoy wearing the one I made (and was wearing yesterday when we had lunch). I like your 'seam solution.'

  5. I have this jacket cut out and was going to work on it this weekend. Thanks for the tips!