Thursday, February 16, 2012

Best Laid Plans

A few weeks ago I posted the skirt in the picture below for Fabulous Free Pattern Friday and I said that I would make an announcement about the top that I am wearing. Well.......
I sent the pattern out to be graded and chose a few people to test it for me. My first setback was me gettting sick. Today was my first day back in my studio in over a week (other than a weak voice, I am feeling sooo much better. Thank you for all the kind thoughts that have been sent my way!). I pulled out the graded pattern and as I was stacking it, it just didn't look right. As usual, I blamed myself first, thinking that maybe I had made a mistake. No, the pattern was perfect, it was the grading. I was so upset. So what to do? Grade it myself. I had chosen to have the pattern graded as I felt it wasn't the best use of my time, but as it turns out, I guess it is, not only my time, but my money as well.

It's really a favorite of mine. As you can see, one side sits on the shoulder and the other is off the shoulder.

 This one is out of a softer fabric.
So....coming soon to an internet shop near you, a new Sewbussted Pattern. Although I'm so disappointed in the grading, I'm really excited about getting the top in a pattern form. Stay tuned as the Spin Around Top will be soon to follow. It's been a year since it was in Threads magazine, so it's about time!
I'll see you tomorrow for our new Fabulous Free Pattern Friday addition!

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  1. I just love the unique look of this top. I can't wait to make it!