Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The Wednesday Showcase

We have a light rain falling this morning here in Chicago. Just love mornings like this. It's as if peace is being poured out over the city :)

You aren't just seeing things, it's an actual Wednesday Showcase post! 

If you don't know Elizabeth from Elizabeth Made This, you are in for a real treat!!! In her bio, she says that she sews everything that isn't nailed down. This is not an exaggeration as you will see in just a moment. A mother to 4 young children, I don't know how she finds time for anything!!!, she not only loves to sew, but she also enjoys opera. A girl after my own heart :)

As I scrolled through her blog, I found this post where she took an old caftan and turned it into this super cute jacket. 

I just have to show you another picture of this great jacket!!! You can read more about it HERE. Love the double collar. 

Now here's the proof of her sewing everything that's not nailed down. She reupholstered this chair and made the foot stool. Be sure to check out the original chair. She did an amazing job!

Elizabeth even finds time to sew for her 3 boys. She's not just mom, she's SUPERMOM! While this is a cute picture...

I think this one is more appropriate ;)

As I said, there is a 4th little child, and this time, it was a girl :) Such a sweet Mommy and Me picture. What a lucky little girl, having a mom that loves to sew. I see lots of great outfits in her future. BTW, the super cute skirt that Elizabeth is wearing was made using the DG Addison skirt pattern. You can read her post HERE

I know you are going to love getting to know Elizabeth. For those of you who are on Pattern Review, you can find her HERE.

Well, that was fun :)
I hope to be back next week with my usual 2 fabulous bloggers.
Have a wonderful, peace filled day.

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  1. I'm scrolling through my feed and lo and behold, I exclaim--hey, I know that jacket! Thanks for the shout out Rhonda! I was so glad to find you via That Sewing Blab!

    1. It was such a delight to scroll through your blog. You are one incredible lady 😊

  2. Lovely garments. I'm of to investigate further! (Bad Rhonda giving me such eye candy - I'm meant to be sewing!)

    1. Ahhh 😊, a little diversion is always a good thing.

  3. Elizabeth is quite a talented young lady indeed!