Wednesday, September 6, 2017

A Very Special Wednesday Showcase

It's hard to believe that another hurricane is barreling its way through the Caribbean with its destination set on the United States. As horrific as Hurricane Harvey proved to be to Texas, this one has the potential to be far worse, a category 5 storm with winds of 180 miles per hour. At this point, it looks like it will bring high winds and a storm surge to Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, but spare the islands from a direct hit. The same can't be said for the Bahamas and it looks like when it hits Florida, it will turn and make it's way up the entire state. At this point, other than pray, there's nothing that we can do until it's all over.

A few days ago, I clicked on my Instagram account, and saw the most generous act of kindness. A year or so ago(maybe 2), I introduced you to Kyle of Vacuuming The Lawn. Many of you may know her from Pattern Review. She did this super cute bag...

Which won the 2016 Handbag Contest.  

Well, Kyle put her excellent bag making skills to work once again, and created this so, so sweet bag.

BTW, Kyle is also an excellent embroiderer. She combined both of her skills for this beautiful creation. The bag is now on her Instagram account where she is offering it as a contest to raise money for the Houston Food Bank. The highest bidder will win the bag. You can read all about it HERE

The contest will run through Thursday, September 7, 2017. In my opinion, the bag is priceless, but it's not about the value of the bag, it's about an opportunity to give.  So place your bids!!!

Now, everyone knows that I love a picture of a girl and her dog :)

I would like to introduce you to Brenda of Flatter Patter, a lovely woman with a unique mission. She had breast cancer and has decided not to have reconstructive surgery. Her mission is to create a robust blog site for sewists who want to create garments that will fit a post-mastectomy flat body.   

Even if you have not had breast cancer, this is a woman that you will want to know. Such a generous and kind woman, she has said that she will match the winning bid for Kyle's bag. Amazing! What I hope to see is the bid going quite high and Brenda not being held to that commitment. 

By all means, pop over to Brenda's blog and say hello. I know she will enjoy meeting you :) 

And now, a little something that just may bring a tear to your eyes. I receive some of the loveliest emails. So many of you share an accomplishment that you've made, maybe your story. And there are times that someone will forward some little something that they think I will enjoy. The link to the video below came last night. It's only 5 minutes long and I think it will be your best spent 5 minutes of the day. PLEASE WATCH!

I've received so many messages from those of you who would like to participate in the Little Dresses For Texas campaign that my friend Andrea is sponsoring, and I thank you. There are some who don't like the idea of sending any type of hard goods to the region, and I understand. Please know that the little dresses that Andrea is collecting are going to a private group who has the ability to make sure that the dresses will go to little girls who would love to have something new and lovely to wear. 

This post touches my heart in so many ways. When I lived in Houston, I worked for the Baptist Mission Center which served the poorest of the poor. I have spent the night with children where I listened to mice run across the floor and roaches fly across the room. Yes, roaches can fly! Of all the experiences I had while working for the mission center, the one that I remember and cherish was the day that I just happened to turn around and a little boy was standing and watching as I prepared the van to go and pick up the weekly bread donation. It was a cold day for Houston and the child was dressed in a thin cotton skirt. Shocked, I asked, "aren't you cold?" He shook his head yes. I took him by the hand and prayed that I could find a coat in the donations of clothes. I did. From that moment on, whenever I saw little Oscar, he would beam. A simple coat on a cold day, a few minutes of my time for which I was repeatedly paid with a smile worth more than gold.

There is great need in this world, spiritual as well as material. Find what touches your heart, and it will be the right thing.         

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  1. You are so generous Rhonda! Thank you for highlighting the auction. You're the best!

  2. That Eva, what a gal! So inspiring. The whole of today's blog is inspiring, so rich with compelling stories. Thank you, Rhonda.

  3. I wish that I could find the words through my tears to tell you how much I enjoyed watching Meet Eva she touch my heart in so many ways. Thank you very much for sharing Eva with us.
    Blessings, JL

  4. Thank you, Rhonda, for such a kind mention! The video is so sweet - a great find.

  5. Awesome video and post Rhonda - you are truly a good person. Thanks for being you.

  6. Thank you for sharing Eva with us, Rhonda. What a remarkable woman. And thank you for all the other inspiration you bring to us via your blog...I appreciate your generous spirit, and sometimes your message is spot on for my day.

  7. Such generous sewers !!! Andrea & Kyle are so thoughtful !!!!!

  8. Thank you for featuring these kind hearted sewers! I know Kyle personally. She is truly a generous spirit.

  9. Well...between Nancy Zieman's good-bye to us all and Eva's wonderful soul, I can honestly say that it's been a day for waterworks!! Tears of sorrow and tears of joy...and there's the measure of it. Thanks so much for sharing!

  10. Franklin Graham has a wonderful ministry. I wanted to have my five grandkids fill boxes one year, but I never could get them together. If I live to be 100, I'm sure I'll still be sewing for someone.
    Hugs, Joy