Friday, September 8, 2017

Sewbussted's Material Witness/The Roman Skirt

Happy Friday!!!

I think you are going to especially enjoy the new Sewbussted video :) It features a fellow Haute Couture Club of Chicago member, Mary Kay Blaschke. Such a lovely, creative, and innovative lady. She designed a special outfit for our fashion show that was held last May, and when she walked out on to the runway, the audience absolutely went crazy. So I thought, why shouldn't you have the opportunity to see what she did and learn how to do it? 


I thought that the play on stripes made for a fun and whimsical outfit. As we showed in the video, it's actually 3 pieces, a unitard, the skirt and a ruff at the neckline. The 3 pieces makes it especially versatile. The skirt can be worn on its own, the unitard paired with a short pencil skirt. Lots of possibilities and lots of fun:)
Mary Kay had the idea, but wasn't initially quite sure of how to execute her design. So she played around quite a bit, never gave up, and ultimately achieved her goal. The skirt is basically a 6-gore skirt with just a bit of a twist. Take note of how full it is at the hem.  

I see now that I didn't get the drawstrings quite right for this picture, but I think you get the idea. Take note of the little striped unitard legs peeking out from below. So, so cute!

And I just had to tell you a cute story about the little ruff. In the video she talks about how she used toilet paper to create the ruff. After we had finished, she said that she probably shouldn't have shared that on the video. I told her that I loved it because it shows how you can take everyday household items and use them in the design process.   

I thought I would just let you enjoy the video first and then do a separate post with the instructions on how to create this super fun skirt. Look for that in an upcoming post. So...stay tuned ;)

Hope you enjoyed the video.
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