Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Studio Kat Cosmo Convertible Bag Sew Along Week 3

I apologize!!!! I failed to let you know that the new post is up on the Sew News blog for the Studio Kat Cosmo Convertible bag. So sorry.
This week we are sewing the bag together and inserting the zipper in the top of the bag. 
Developing the bottom of the bag seems just a bit tricky, but it's really quite simple. There are 3 notches on the side of the front and the back that must be marked. 
Notch A is folded up to meet notch B. Then with the 2 notches held together, they are then folded up to meet notch C. A little fidgety, but it works, and that's the most important thing :)
Once the notches have been folded together, they form a pleat across the bottom of the bag. This will make more sense once we attach the tabs for the straps.
The next step is to insert the top zipper. The zipper is added before the side tabs for the straps are attached. Look closely below and you will see that the zipper does not go all the way from one side of the opening to the other.
I did a top stitch around the top of my bag to help hold the lining in place. It really helps to keep the zipper from catching the lining. Nothing worse than needing to get into your bag and then having the zipper get caught in the lining!!!  
I really loved the first bag that I put together, but I think I like this one even more. I think these things are addictive! 
You can find the new post HERE.
Studio Kat has a new bag up on her website that I am eyeing, super cute.
If you are making the Cosmo Convertible Bag, I hope you're enjoying the process. Just remember, if you would like to make the bag at a later date, the posts stay up on the Sew News blog, so you can always refer back to them at a later date. You can find the first 3 weeks HERE.
Happy Sewing!

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  1. Bags have never been of interest to me and I listen patiently while guild members show off their latest bag creations. However I have to say that your blog posts have caught my interest and I can't believe, I am actually thinking "I should make a bag".

    1. Truth be told, I have never been a big bag maker either. I've made a few, but it wasn't until Sew News wanted me to do the sew along articles that I actually began to enjoy the process. Give it a try. IThere's no fitting!!!!