Monday, December 7, 2015

Thrifty Thursday On Monday/A Customizable Accessory Pouch

I felt so bad about the last Thrifty Thursday pattern not being the free pattern that I thought it was, so I decided to post this great little accessory pouch a little early. 
When I first came across this pattern from Thread Riding Hood, I thought it was just another little pouch, but then I looked a little closer and my mind took off!
What a great way to really make a unique gift. You can fussy cut a pattern as was done above, or monogram the bag as I did.
For those of you who like to embroider,  then you could embroider an initial, but I took the easy way out and just printed out my initial. I keep a pack of computer printable fabric on hand. You can find it in the quilt section of your local chain fabric store, and I'm sure at any quilt fabric store. 
The pattern comes with a template so you can get the exact image that you would like in the cat eye area. I played around with the font until I had a size that would fit into the area. Of course you can also customize the color.  
The only issue with the computer printer fabric is that it isn't wide enough for the pattern piece. A little pouch is formed on the back of the front pieces, and this pouch piece is somewhat large in comparison to the other pattern pieces. 
What I did was just cut the monogram out the size of the template and then sandwich the monogram inside the pouch.
The inside of the bag is fully lined.
The back features the same edge piece that the front has, but a plain bottom. 
The zipper application is very easy to do. Just follow the step by step instructions.
I now have an accessory pouch that works beautifully with my new tote bag. What a lovely gift a set like this would be. 
The pouch makes up so very quickly, so you can easily make a bunch for gifts. The only change I will be making to future bags, is to add a removable wrist strap.
You can find the pattern HERE. This is one of those patterns that's not only a fast make, but fun too!

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  1. Pretty and useful Rhonda. A great gift idea, though again - hang on to these THEY ARE YOURS!
    I particularly liked the red zipper as contrast.

    1. Now that I went and put a big R on the front, I think I am fairly safe with keeping this one ;)
      As I was putting this together, I thought that it would be a great way to use up some of my zippers that I've had for some time. And what doesn't work with black and white?!!

  2. How cute is that!? Everything you make looks just so professional ;)

  3. Thanks so much for this Rhonda. I'd love to try one as a Christmas gift. Now if I can find the time !

  4. Really great timing on this pattern as I was looking for something like this. Thanks so much!