Friday, June 14, 2013

A New Pattern Line

Just about a year ago I received a message from a delightful lady, Miss Mari Miller. To be honest, I can't remember which came first, but I think I showcased her blog on The Wednesday Showcase and then in turn, she had me do a post for a series she did on the types of sewing we do, i.e. cake type sewing. We finally met each other in February. There was a wonderful coupon offered to an incredible fabric warehouse. We both bought the coupon, met, shopped for fabric and had lunch. I instantly liked Mari...a lot!
While we were having lunch, Mari shared that she wanted to start her own pattern line. Not much more was said about it at that time. 
A few months ago, she was just about ready to launch her first pattern and asked me to test it for her. It was The Avocado Hoodie.
Initially, the hoodie was meant to have pockets not only in the front, but in the back as well. Take a look at the picture below. Very cute idea, especially when you have someone that you can't keep your hands off of!!!!!! 
When I made up the pattern, I felt that she needed to offer another alternative as I felt that some may not like the back pocket. So I helped her develop a no back pocket version. Look below, looks cute don't you think? I really like the way the curves of the seams accent the curve of the body.
Well, Miss Mari is not allowing any grass to grow under her feet. She has her second pattern just about ready to go. It's a very cute and versatile wrap skirt.
The pattern basically consists of 2 half circles and a triangle. The triangle can sit on either hip.
 It's difficult to see, but the triangle is sitting on my left hip in the picture below.
 The more I looked at the pattern, the more I liked it and the more versatile I saw that it could be.
I do a lot of walking and I also enjoy yoga. There are 2 versions to the skirt, a longer version and a shorter version. I especially like the shorter version as a little over skirt when I'm walking and it makes a great cover up going from the house to the yoga studio. It would also make a cute over skirt for your swimsuit.
In the above picture you can see my hand in a pocket. When I looked at the pattern, I immediately thought that a pocket would be a great addition. There is not one in the pattern, so I drafted one for Mari and it will be available as a free download once the wrap skirt pattern is available
As soon as the skirt pattern is available, I will let you know. In the meantime, you just might want to head on over to her shop and pick up one of the Avocado Hoodie patterns. Once you pay, you can instantly download the pattern. Wow, what a concept!!!
Also, Velosewer did a wonderful interview with Mari. You can find that article here, http://www.cleverthinking99.com/2013/06/meet-mari-miller.html.
Hope you're having a great Friday!!

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  1. Oh wow, a hoodie that fits and doesn't look so 'Hoodie'. Now I just have to find a Houston worthy fabric that isn't too hot.
    love the skirt too.
    You find the neatest people.

    1. I do find the neatest people, after all, I found you too!!
      I did the hoodie in a heavier, very much a winter fabric. I am going to do one in the same fabric that I made the shorter wrap skirt out of. Not exactly right for a Houston summer though. A lightweight knit would work just fine though too.

    2. Becki! I'm in Houston too....when you find that fabric please, PLEASE let me know! Very cute Hoodie!

  2. Such adorable skirts, Rhonda! You are always a treat for the eyes :-). Thanks for sharing the Avocado Hoodie.

  3. I agree, that hoodie has some nice lines, especially in the back. (I would opt for no-pockets. :) ) The skirt looks fun and versatile.

    1. Anything that accents the small of the back is great in my book!!

  4. Sorry to ask a non-sewing question, but I love those sandals in the wrap skirt photos. I've been looking all over for non-clunky black sandals without a lot of luck. Do you remember the maker and/or style name? Thank you.

    1. No problem at all. I have had these shoes for quite a few years and I've wished many times that I had bought more than one pair.
      Here is the info on the shoe;
      Lauren by Ralph Lauren
      Evelisa ALW 70660 T04
      I have the shoe on a permanent search through Ebay and just recently a pair of yellow shoes, exact same model came up and of course I snatched them up. The shoe came in orange, yellow, turquoise and black. So I would suggest going to Ebay and doing a search and then leaving the search up so that any time someone possibly lists this shoe, you will have a chance of getting a pair. Believe it or not, the shoe is actually very comfortable.

    2. You are more than welcome :)

  5. I met Mari at the meetup in March! She's a doll! I am definitely going to purchase the Avocado Hoodie pattern and make up one each for Hubby and myself in the fall. We love to have our arms around each other when we go for walks by the lake but in the fall and spring, our hands get cold! I loved Mari's design as soon as I saw it, and now it's even more exciting to me knowing that you have been helping her!

  6. What an adorable hoodie, I want! And why doesn't that skirt pattern go all the way down to the floor...wouldn't it look spectacular in voile?

  7. Rhonda you do the best shares!

  8. Thanks for the information, this wrap skirt is really nice and the Hoodie pattern is very original.