Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday Night Reflections

Character comes from within.
It is not what others think of you,
but what you think of yourself.
It is not not what others expect of you,
but what you expect from yourself.
It is not what others judge you to be,
but how you judge yourself.
For there are no standards greater
than what people of character place upon themselves.

By Bob Scarlatta
Written in remembrance of his father
The home in the photograph is on Monhegan Island, Maine and is the home of artist Jamie Wyeth.
I took the picture early one morning while I was visiting the island. As the fog rolled in, the island seemed to take on a feeling of mystery.

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  1. WOW!

    I rarely comment on message boards or blogs, but I simply had to commend you on this post, as it hit me so personally. First, the lovely photo. I grew up on the wild foggy Oregon coast. It's my favorite landscape, and this photo is so evocative of the feeling, sight and smells of the ocean that I love so much.

    I was last at Oregon's coast in March when my father passed away. So the profound words written in tribute to a father touched me deeply.

    I wish my younger self had been able to understand the quote--she lived the "what not to do" philosophy. What I love about getting older is the perspective, the wisdom that comes from experience, and the ability to make better attitude choices based on that experience.

    Thank you very much for an inspiring start to the new week!

    Tamara in MN

    1. I have books where I keep pieces that mean something to me. I may find something in a magazine, on a billboard, over hear something someone says, or read something in a book. As I sit down on Sunday evening to share a piece, I go through my books and I share whatever it is that speaks to me and I hope that in turn it will speak to someone else as well. I'm so happy that this meant so much to you. The morning that I took the picture of the house, I had been sitting on the rocks writing. The fog rolled in and it was just the most beautiful site.