Friday, September 14, 2012

Fabulous Free Pattern Friday

Hi Everyone and welcome to Friday!! The weather is absolutely glorious here in Chicago today. I'm so happy as I have a flight to do tomorrow. Should be a fun one. I actually get to take a dog to his new home. From what I understand, he has a rather severe heart murmur and needs medication. Most people want puppies and if it isn't a puppy, they want a dog in good health. So this poor fellow has been looking for a home for quite a while. Tomorrow he will be flown from Nashville to Michigan City, Indiana where he will be picked up by his new owner. I love these flights. The dog's name is Bert and from what I understand, an absolute love. I'll share pictures tomorrow afternoon. 
The piece I'm posting today is just two very simple rectangles. It does need to be made out of a knit fabric. I used a wool sweater fleece for mine. The fabric is double sided so I played around with it a bit, that is why you see the two colors. 
The Paper Airplane Top
 I left an opening in the side seams so I could wear a belt with the piece.
A view from the side. You can see here that the back actually comes over the shoulders and meets up with the front.
A simple plain back.
You will need 2 measurements,
1. Your desired length
2. Your hip measurement
You will need to add ease to your hip measurement, 2" will be good, another inch is you would like for the top to hang a little looser.
Begin by cutting a rectangle half of your hip measurement plus ease by your length measurement. Example, if you hip measurement is 40" you will add 2" of ease which will equal 42". Divide this measurement in half and you will have 21". If your desired length is 32" your rectangle will then be 21"x32". To these measurements be sure to add your seam allowance and hem allowance. This will be your front rectangle.
The rectangle for the back will be longer than the rectangle for the front. As you can see in the picture below, the back is folded over to the top edge of the front rectangle.  As you can see below, the side seams of the back are folded over and stitched to the top edge of the front rectangle and meet in the center. You will need to divide the front rectangle width measurement in half to determine the extra amount that you will need to add to the length of your back rectangle.
(When the top is flat, I think you can see why I'm calling it the Paper Airplane top. I remember folding pieces of notebook paper with a point just like the neckline of this top and flying them around the room when the teacher's back was turned. I did get in trouble for my little stunts!)    
So for an example, if your front rectangle measure 21". Divide that measurement in half which will be 10 1/2". This is the amount that you will need to add to your back rectangle length. The width will of course remain the same as the front rectangle. Be sure to add to the length of your back rectangle for the hem around the neck, 1" should be fine. 
Begin by finishing the top edge of the back rectangle. Find the center of your front rectangle and sew the sides of the back rectangle to the top edge of the front rectangle. Try the piece on to determine how deep you would like your armhole opening to be and then sew up the side seams. If you would like an opening on the side for a belt, you can also determine this when you try it on for the armhole openings. 
Finish the hemline and you are ready to go. 
I finished my edges by zig zagging them down. This way I was able to have my seams on the outside of my top.
When the top is on, the "airplane" point rolls down to form the collar.
I will post pictures of me in the top later today as there is no one here at the moment to help me with pictures. So drop back by a little later if you have time.

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  1. This is just spectacular! Thank you so much!

  2. this is a great idea... thank you. Have a nice weekend.

  3. Very clever with the two colour-blocking effect - thanks for sharing...

  4. Rhonda, do you fly a small plane or do you accompany the animal on a commercial flight? My brother-in-law flies a small plane and I am wondering if he would be interested.

    1. Hi Frances, It's a small plane. The organization that I fly threw is called Pilots N Paws, you can find them here, http://pilotsnpaws.org/. The more pilots the better, especially with the sky rocketing cost of fuel.