Monday, September 3, 2012

Monday Morning Inspiration

On Saturday, I received a Saks Fifth Avenue catalogue. What a treat! I came across this little dress from Etro and loved it. Look in the left hand corner and you can faintly see the price, $1,500.00.....choke!!!!
Intrigued, I decided to look into the fall/winter collection and it is beautiful. This little dress is no where to be seen in the collection, so it must be part of their ready to wear collection. The fashion show video is lovely, I even like the music. Grab a cup of coffee because it's 12 minutes long, worth it though, at least I think so.

The piece pictured below is the first to walk the runway and I think it is incredible.

 Take note of the lace trim on the leather tights.

I'm in love with this jacket. I don't care for their mix of fabrics, but the lines are wonderful.
I love EVERYTHING about this pantsuit, the fabric, the cut, just everything! I think I would have to rob a bank in order to pay for it though. If the little dress is $1500.00, just imagine what this would cost!!!

A longer version of the jacket that I pointed out above.

Not too sure about his mix. A little too heavy on top! Love the skirt though.

This dress is so lovely.

 Another wonderful jacket.

The pants remind me a lot of the Clements Ribeiro collection that I posted a few weeks ago.

And finally, a few pictures from Etro's ad campaign. I love the use of sharp colors in the back ground. 

Wishing you all a wonderfully inspiring day!

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  1. Oh drool! Other than the occasional odd placed fur thing- I'm in love!

    1. I agree about the "odd placed fur thing." Looks like they had a little left over so they thought they might as well stick it somewhere!! Take note that the print ads have fur pieces, but are much more thought out. Oh well, my thoughts anyway!!

  2. Thanks for sharing. Lots of design ideas for the future.

  3. Very nice! The piece that knocks me out is the rust colored coat, the 4th pic after the video.

    It must take you ages to create these posts with tons of pics!